Monday, June 15, 2009

Quilting in Salem, Oregon

I believe with all my heart in community quilting. Being part of a community, part of something bigger than yourself, that creates and gives back to others. Group quilting teaches us so much about working with others and working for a greater cause, as well.

Whenever we join groups, or participate in 'bees' of any kind, you have to learn to not only work with one another, but around one another's personality and flaws. I've learned to be part of a group, while still expressing my own creative ideals of scrappy quilting without perfectionism, to see beauty in all things, of all colors, shapes and sizes and to not criticize or negatively critique another or another's creation even when not to my own personal style.

Some people can do this, some cannot ;) But, I continue to participate once a month in Salem's quilting guild and to quilt for charitable causes every Monday at a downtown church.

I am currently working on a quilt for a Kenyan mission that will go through the First Methodist Church, a quilt for Turkey that will go through the First Baptist Church, a QOV that will go to the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veteran's Association to a Veteran's Hospital in Roseburg, Oregon and I have cut out a comfort quilt for the Salem Hospital's Hospice program and a tiny quilt for the preemie ward.

Now, I'm not saying how long these might take me! Nor, how perfect any of them might be. Each is in a state of process right now. But I have learned allow myself that state and that space for loving each and every quilt that I might make...flaws and all. If the rumples don't quilt out, that's ok. I like them a bit crinkly and crumpled...there are so many more folds and corners for love to both squeeze in and fit in that way!

It truly lifts my spirits to know that these comfort quilts are in process..both in my heart and in its outward expression. I'm off today for my Community Quilting Monday

And on the last Tuesday of every month, you can find me at the :Mid-Valley Quilt Guild

With Heart and Hands
From the Heart of a Quilter