Jun 19, 2009

Make a Re-useable Shopping Bag: Pocket Pouched!

For this week's "Frugal Friday Freebie Fun" I am showcasing some really fun shopping bags I made for family members to bring along when they need to zip into...let's say "Home Depot". Hubby gets a caution tape orange one and a yellow one. The lovely coral works just great for putting into a jacket pocket for spur of the moment purchases of my own!

The fun is that just like a quillow, this shopping bag rolls and folds into its own little pocket pouch and can easily fit into small spaces like pockets or purses!

1. Pieces required are: bag front and bag pieces, which include the handles, a simple facing section and the little pocket. Approximate measurements can be taken from the markings on the cutting board and rulers.

2. I love excuses to use my serger, so I serged facing hems and seams on this nylon, but its also great for any easily frayed fabrics.

3. Seaming out handles curves and 'neck' edges, right sides together.

4. Version 1, only with side pocket, inside.
Make the little pocket piece, with its open edge out. and include its inner edge in side seaming, as you sew them together, as well

4b:Version 2, only with a kanaroo front pocket, just like making a pocket on a 'quillow'.
Add front pocket with or without a label to front of bag, up close to the 'neck line.' This can be done in early pattern stage or later, as I did by adding a second thought label to the front of the pocket ;)

5. For both versions: Time to seam those bag straps together, be sure right sides are together, again...or do as I did, and use the french seam technique!

6. Now, do the same for the side seams. Shown here...stage 1 of it's french seam using the regular sewing machine on Version 1 with inside side pocket.

7. Using my regular machine, here's the finished french seam edge...nice and neat.

How do I fold it into the pouch? you ask:

Version 1, with side pocket:

You want it to be 'inside out' for starters. A little column shape, roll it, roll it, and tuck it into the pockets...ta da! It's a pocket pouch!
An easy scrap saver's method of creating wonderful little re-useable shopping bag with their own little storage system!

Version 2, with 'quillow' pocket on front:

Version 2:
1.Make just like a quillow, and put your pocket on the outside of the bag, and fold and tuck it in, as above. Pre-sew your label on the pocket ahead of time...and you have a neat bag with a little signature ad of your work!

Other options:
1. Put a casing in the top seam of your side pocket (pattern shown version 1), first. Add a drawstring to the casing and you can 'zip' up the pouch and make it even a wee bit smaller for purse or pocket storage.

Use any of my other re-useable shopping bag stylings, and do the same pocket plan for them, as well. Add a morsbag label, give them a way, and join the million of morsbaggers worldwide!!!

morsbags label pdf:
  1. morsbags.com. sociable guerilla bagging.
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Cher said...

I always have a hard time following the sewing for including a pocket like that...I will have to sit down and give this a try! thanks for sharing

Scrappy quilter said...

What a great way to make bags. The instructions are perfect. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

West Michigan Quilter said...

How clever. This one I'll have to link to. My readers will love it. Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

That's pretty cool, you can't even see where you folded the cat up into the pouch!

Junie Moon said...

What a great project and I love the morsbag label detail, what a fun way to populate the world with good deeds.

kalibug said...

Aw, that is so cute.

Holly said...

This is brilliant, Michele. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I made some thing close to this out of an old souvenir t-shirt. child size, you cut the sleeves off leaving the seam for strength and trim out the neck opening to allow access to inside bag. I used the sleeve to make a pocket, for coupons and such. turning to make a pouch is a good way to carry it all.. liked this idea very much. make a great grocery bag. KT

Momma said...

i am unable to find the pattern for the bag. am i misunderstanding something??