Monday, April 27, 2009

The Ties That Bind

Spotted at the Mid-Valley Quilt Show yesterday...three lovely ladies (and sisters) wearing necktie skirts and bags.......well, ok, two of them remembered their bags. They were delightful and highly entertaining....and even gave me permission to post their photo on my blog.

After a flight home from Juneau to Salem, where I was again surrounded by TSA agents....even my ID Wallet (All My Bags are Packed...I'm Ready to Go!) couldn't save me from this one...and the discovery that my two antique rosaries set off major 'heavy metal' alarms in their 6 rides through the x-ray machine and the final acceptance that my husband might just be right...I bring drama to any flight I take.

Whether, it's the TSA agents and their intensely staring surround sound, or my seat already taken ( and no room whatsoever for even one carry-on bag) or my daughter being searched for a bomb (because I packed leftover Brie and Polenta in her glows orange just like plastique for a bomb) or having my family spend Christmas in different airports all over Alaska ....pdx/sea-tac airports:weather delays and cancellations... or my having to move through 3 different airplanes on one run-way as warning lights went off, of my unexpected high speed landing Failed Wheel Flaps and Quick Landings that created hearing loss for 3 months's always something with me when I travel.

Suffering from almost total exhaustion as I'm both Looking Forward/ Looking Back, I made myself go to my guild's quilt show's final day, yesterday...and yes, I had to call my husband for directions as I drove.......again! I barely remembered my guild badge at the show and couldn't follow the all. When my energy spikes...whether up or down...I come close to acting like either a zombie or a maniac....and my energy follows suit.

Since I carry large amounts of bio-magnetic electric energy as a 'natural energy healer', this means I'm no longer 'grounded' and break every mechanical thing that has moving or magnetic parts. My camera shut off repeatedly, brand new batteries refused to work, and I got lost (repeatedly, I might add) in a simple quilt show. I've never been able to wear a watch (hands either spin around or stop) and I'm directionally challenged beyond belief. My kids say that I can't find my way out of a paperbag but actually, it's the plastic ones with handles that cause me confusion.

I'm not sure I saw all of the quilts, and I tried to take photos of all of them but after 5 complete sets of batteries in 45 minutes and many photos as unreadable, I'll have to post what I have later on and scour the Internet for fill-ins ;) I just want those of you who only like 'quilty' posts to know that I tried.

Meanwhile, these scrappy ladies remind me of the 'ties that bind' to my parents, to Alaska, to all of my Bear Tales and other interesting experiences and to all of the crazy patch pieces of the jigsaw puzzle as I am perpetually Walking the Line on the edges of a very interesting life.

Thanks, brightened my day and reminded me that I'm not the only one who doesn't mind running with scissors in one hand and a fully-loaded rotary cutter in the other one. As long as they're color co-ordinated, I figured I belong where ever I am at the time...even if I forget who and where I am as I'm doing it!

Time for the first oxygen mask, de-programming, and learning to breathe again! It's good to be home....