Mar 9, 2009

Melissa and Holly Join Dancing With the Stars Tonight

When they talk about the stars being in or out of alignment, I don't think they mean The Bachelor's jilted Melissa or Hugh Hefner's/Criss Angel's ex-girlfriend, Holly. But these two women just jumped onto the DWTS stage as the newest contestants and last minute replacements for Jewel and Nancy O'Dell.

Oh my goodness. Soap operas and 'reality' TV doesn't get any odder than this! Even if you spend your free time on American Idol instead, you've got to admit they get us all hooked or at least interested in the flak with TV shenanigans. It is after all, March Madness Sweeps Month...where every TV show tries to out-do every other one!

So, Nancy O'Dell, as of March 5, is out. She was diagnosed with a torn meniscus while training and will have to withdraw from the competition. The co-Anchor of Access Hollywood, O'Dell has contributed reports to NBC's Today Show and Dateline NBC. And of course, Jewel...was diagnosed with a fractured tibia in both legs while training and also had to withdraw from the competition. As a three-time Grammy nominee, she has triumphed over poverty and teen homelessness to a musical career rare among her generation of artists and has sold twenty-seven million albums worldwide.

So, just who are Melissa Rycroft and Holly Madison, you ask? Melissa was just seen as the chosen then jilted 'fiance' of The Bachelor's Jason Meznick. After being chosen, then forsaken by her would-be fiance, the 25 year-old Dallas native had been asked to be that ABC show's next 'Bachelorette' and turned that offer down...saying she was 'done' and just wanted to well...recover from her wounds.

So, that apparently includes a lot of dancing as she now replaces Nancy O'Dell in tonight's show. Nancy O'Dell, who has been on crutches since March 6, just gave up her slot on show, after suffering from knee injuries she sustained during rehearsals. The entertainment reporter was scheduled to be paired with Tony Dovolani, who will presumably now partner with Rycroft.(That would leave Dmitry Chaplin, one of the newest DWTS professionals to dance with Holly.)

Although Melissa Rycroft has reportedly only had a few days to practice her moves, she is set to perform live on the show on Monday, March 8, (tonight!) a source tells People. After all, a few days, in Reality Tv can often truly be 6 weeks and in 'reality', Melissa is a trained athlete or close to it. As a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for three years, and having had dancing lessons since she was a small child...I think she can probably fling a shoe with the best of them. And yes, Jason Meznick does know that Melissa is on 'Dancing' and has not only formally apologized for his part in everything but wished her the very best of luck and says she has been dancing all her life and might even 'win the whole thing.'

Now, Holly Madison, I'd never heard of. I don't read Playboy...don't get me started on that...and apparently, Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner's 'ex-girl friends' and a 'Reality' TV star of some one of the 'girls next door'.

I mean, really? Aren't we all?????

shown above:
Photo of Melissa with Jason from 'The Bachelor'


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

This is all enough to make one's head spin... a dance move worth points on it's own! ha!! Thanks for the scorecard... I never know who's who.

Liz Harrell said...

Oh, I'll be watching this for sure! It will be so interesting regardless!

Donna said...

I'm on the American Idol viewer list. My DD loves the Bachelor. I've seen DWTS a few times. I don't get to the TV much. I think I'll set it to record so I'll have them when I do do my hand stitching.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good time to put my feet up and maybe do a little hand sewing. Thanks for the heads up. Dancing is one of my secret vices *VBG*

Cindy said...

Melissa did quite well this evening. Holly however lacked some emotion. I hope they both enjoy their time on the show. Loved Melissa on the Bachelor. Still irritated with Jason. Glad to hear Melissa turned them down.
I am not a real fan of DWTS, but will be watching as long as Melissa is on.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to believe that the show is cursed. Maybe they work the celebs too hard. This is an amateur competition but is treated like a professional one.