Sunday, March 29, 2009

Juneau Quilt Show

I've been in the Juneau-Douglas area for 4 days and I've already managed to find and attend a quilt show. It was such a nice break from the constancy of cooking, cleaning and care taking in my parents' Douglas Island home. And how nice to find out that the 'Capitol City Quilters' were holding their annual quilt show in the Juneau Arts and Culture Hall.

I had an opportunity for a quick getaway and what fun! When breaks are fewer and farther apart, you truly learn to appreciate and enjoy them to the fullest...and I did!

The quilt show was so different from what I know in the Salem, Oregon area. It was 1)free 2)not juried 3) photographs completely welcomed 4)had free refresments and 5) I was even given a free ticket for their door prize raffle!

The quilts were well done and quite charming. I fully appreciated the more 'Alaskan' appearing ones, but all were lovely and a real delight to visit and to remember.

As a non-profit organization of more than 100 members, the Capitol City Quilters draw the quilt show earnings from a silent auction of 20 small wall sized quilts, I was curious how prices might range here, and noticed that while the wall quilts were quite small...the bids were already up into the $50 range.

It seemed that their value was being appreciated and that bids were fairly frequent. The larger quilts ranged from twin to king to a beautiful mural sized one, some of which are pictured above. Others can be viewed at my Picasa site for those photos.

All in all, a much needed and welcomed break and to be able to drive through my beautiful Alaskan scenery in freshly fallen snow...alone, with music playing......that was my breath of oxygen that I needed, and so enjoyed!