Friday, March 13, 2009

Finn-ally, Four Frugal Friday Finishes

There's nothing more frugal for a Friday finish, than using what you already have....and finishing that which you already started. Feeling frugal in both attitude and practice is always a call to action. And of course, it's a lot more fun, maybe even easier, to want to feel creative and to begin new projects at the simplest spark of a thought.

But it's crunch time, and we're not only crunching financial numbers, but budgets and self-control. So, with that in mind...four finishes from Finn's New Year's Eve Challenge. And yes, the challenge was for last year, but I ended up on Alaskan island for those last 4 months....and priorities changed to helping very ill parents, instead.

But now, 'finn-ally', I have all four projects finished. 1) final quilting and binding re-do on a collaborative album quilt started eons ago 2) final quilting, binding and labeling on my uncle's Patriotic Heartstrings project 3) that pink ruffled baby quilt for someone in need using a quick finish quilt panel and 4) finally, my frugal Friday "Service Day" quilt made of small left-over scraps for a community donation quilt.

Sometimes, the easiest of things to finish become the longest to actually take care of and be finally done with! Oh, I don't even want you to notice that one of these started out with hand-quilting the blocks and ended up with some machine quilting...but I didn't have another eon to finish it! And sometimes feeling frugal involves time, space, and energy.... as well as materials and purpose.

What a wonderful feeling to be done with all of them and know they will all go to good homes!