Jan 18, 2009

MLK Charity Quilting Day: Be of Service

From Patriotic Heartstrings Quilting Project

In honor of Charity Quilting Mondays, Martin Luther King, lovely quilt bloggers like Cheri of Jovaliquilts, and of all the good women (and many an occasional man) who quilt....join us in a Virtual Donation as Service Quilt-In for MLK Day!

I love sewing and I love quilting. But when I can sew and quilt for charitable reasons, my heart connects with the quilting angels and I just fly through the fabric. And now that I've finally found my way In the Sewing Room of Life , I'm finally ready to do some sewing. Ladies...find your UFOs your QUIPs, and your CRISPys and join us tomorrow for some fun.

So, join a wonderful list of women (and maybe a man or two ;) and quilt with us...at home, in your quilting groups, in the middle of your work break...wherever...tomorrow, Monday, January 19th.

Links to check out:
jovaliquilts / Donation Quilts - President-elect Obama has asked Americans to participate in a national day of service on Martin Luther King Day (January 19). He and his family will be doi...

HeartStrings Quilt Project / Martin Luther King Day - Looking for something to do on MLK Day (January 19th)?? Go visit Cheri's blog and read her suggestion.

With Heart and Hands: A Quilting Journey: Charity Quilting .... and of course...my sidebar link to over 2,500 Free Quilt Patterns including some fabulously easy and scrappy quilt patterns

18 have agreed to be committed so far ;)

Please check out Cheri's blog jovaliquilts / Donation Quilts and add your name to her list. (Let me know and I'll add you here, too. It's good to count, be counted, and be counted upon :)

These good hearted quilters are all quilting tomorrow along with Cheri, Mary and so many others:
laura west kong
The Quilting Pirate
Carol E.
Magpie Sue
True Blue Nana
and of course, myself!
Quilting Journey


jovaliquilts said...

Thanks for spreading the word! It should be lots of fun. :)

Quiltdivajulie said...

I'll be at work tomorrow - but I will be shipping my latest, special quilt for AAQI tomorrow at lunchtime (this one is lap size - not a PQ). Posted about it on my blog today.

Let's hope lots of folks volunteer lots of hours tomorrow!

Libby said...

Oops! I think this is such a great idea but I never formally committed to since I have other things going on tomorrow. I may get to do some sewing in the evening, but I'm really not sure. I feel bad seeing my name up there when I probably won't be participating.

I do hope there is a big response, though.

Michele Bilyeu said...

When it comes to giving to others, we only do what we most hope to do! I bet you'll do something 'in service' one way or another tomorrow and surprise yourself when it hits you that you have...as they say, we just have to give to another with kind words and an open heart and we've still given a piece of ourselves and a precious gift!

Finn said...

Hi Michele, what a lovely post. I so feel the impact of your words deep within me.
I, too, participated in the day of service, and all the while not being even the slightest bit aware that others, here in blogland were hard at work.
As I just commented to Cheri of Jovialquilts, I'm on the email list for for Obama updates and times/ways of service. So Betsy and I both participate, in our own ways. She, serving meals and donating blood, me with the needle and thread for a donation quilt.
I love your sewing room of life post....you, my friend, are quite the poet and muse. I love what you did *VBS* Hugs,hugs and a couple more hugs, Finn