Jan 8, 2009

I'm Feeling a Bit CRISPY Today

So, in late August, Finn issued a New Year's Eve Challenge. Pledge to finish 'x' number of sewing projects by New Year's Day, and help Finn track it, each finish could then be posted on her blog Pieces from my scrapbag.

I rose to the occasion and joined in at the last possible minute, hmmm...like maybe in October?.... then 'failed' with a glorious flourish. Ta da! ;)

Finn's list now shows Michele ~ 4 projects (meaning, none reported finished.) Nope, she didn't write ''fantastic' after it, nope she didn't write 'Super Duper' or 'Wow~Amazing effort' or 'Excellent job' or 'and Going Strong' after it. She didn't even give me a 'good job'. OH FINN, FINN, dear, dear special lady Finn! I let you down. I neither finished, tracked, posted nor informed.

Oh, the unbearable shame! I am the child with nothing on her report card. I am amongst a few special cases who either didn't hand in the report to teacher or just plain didn't try! I look like a slacker. I appeared to be a slacker. And here I am, bless my little pea picking heart, with baskets and baskets of picked peas and no blue ribbon at the fair!

Ok, I did just spend four months facing a caretaking challenge that quite frankly, had my brothers quitting in two days with a shared position..... and another one phoning for help before I even hit the Seattle airport on my return home.

And yes, I did sew with second graders in the neighborhood school and yes, I worked on two non-sewing projects (to be showcased in blog posts soon!) and I did think happy thoughts about my sewing, quilting, and community giving days back in Oregon. Do happy thoughts count????

So, I proudly declare that I am just a wee bit behind as my WISPs became aging CRISPs. My CRISPs as I now call my 'continuously recalled slower projects" are not going to be allowed to become FUFOs or 'forgotten unfinished objects', however. I promise, it's my new challenge!

So, I didn't make the deadline of New Year's Day. But I plead 'LIPs' (life in progress) and OOPs (overzealousy over-reached potential) when I ended up 1,000+ miles from home with no working sewing machine, fabric, or ANY of my projects to finish ;)

So, now...dear Finn. I'm back in the saddle.... er, sewing room chair, again! Those sneaky little UFOs will not get the best of me! I may have been overextended but I'm prepared to march into battle once more. Take this you little WISPs, FLIMSYs, UFOs and CRISPs...Michele is back and ready for the challenge! I may be CRISPY, but I'm not yet toast!!!!

So, Finn? How about next New Year's for my deadline??????


Paula, the quilter said...

Welcome home!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, I have learned so many new words today... love CRISPYs (continuously recalled slower projects) and FUFOs (forgotten unfinished objects) along with the LIPs (life in progress) but most especially the OOPs (overzealously over-reached potential).... added to Lynne's Ph.D list (projects half done) and PIGs (projects in grocery bags) ... oh, my ~ I started cleaning out last night, and will continue with all these new words buzzing in my head! :-)

Finn said...

Dear, dear Michele, you've got me chuckling with profuse apologies and explainations. It's not a problem for me. I issued the challenge to MYSELF, and asked if anyone else wanted to play. I stated there were no rules except that YOU choose your goal number. No Quilt Police coming to the door demanding accountability, etc, etc, etc. No points of trianges inspection. All crooked seams were accectable. And so you see, you didn't let me down, or fail in my eyes. You did what fell to your hands to do, chose the much harder challenges and did them beautifully. You challenged yourself, met with obstacles and pushed onward.
For me, with my UFOs, any finish is a HUGE victory!! I'm celebrating my own victories and trilled that some others have had success. Challenges are challenging, you could have asked to withdraw, and that would have been ok also. It was a challenge that would make it hard to be a 'loser'. You chose, aimed and shot for it, but as Ziggy says: " Life keeps happening while you are making other plans". OK? No more mea cupeas needed. Big hugs for a really great friend, Finn

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Welcome back. It seems to me that you chose your priorities right - memories with your family are higher on the list. The quilts will wait. I have found they can be very patient.

Love your acronyms. Now that they have a name, and you reminded me about them, I am feeling guilty about my FUFOs!