Friday, November 07, 2008

Walking a New Path of Hope

From Alaska!
"........What an impact, to watch not only friends but America at large emerge from the spell of jaded apathy that has marked this dark period of American politics, and see how meaningful this is for so many of us to feel a very real sense that hope and change are actually possible, even within this most dark and corrupt institution.

We ARE the ones we have been waiting for, emerging from the crysallis, and it's inspiring to see so many people catalyzed into positivity and action. Here's to holding on to the light for Obama-- we will need to hold onto the energy this election inspired in these times ahead!"

Excerpt from an email I received from my oldest daughter. It serves to remind me that many who had all but lost hope, have now regained it....and nothing is as powerful as hope.

shown above:
A path at the site of the Treadwell Gold Mine, Douglas Island, Alaska