Aug 5, 2008

Quilting Snippets and Other Threadtales

It may be a record breaking heat day in Oregon and my cozy little sewing room may heat up in a hurry, but I'm hoping it's with 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. Time to Quilt!

Busy, busy last weekend with Browser Freezes, Sitemeter, IE, Trojans and Other Fiery Viruses and Bugs that all seem to be resolved thanks to my obsessive-compulsive 'fix-it-myself'-even-if-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-itis.'

  • On the quilting front, a patriotic String Quilting just got its final borders added on as I virtually did my Patriotic Quilting quilted along with the Heartstrings group and is now ready to have some binding pinned on.
  • The lovely Michele Foster, one of my more delightful googledangers, not only featured me as one of her charity quilters a while back, but added my Free Quilt Patterns and its Widget-able logo to her last newsletter bringing in a quilting bus load of new viewers to this site with some delightful e-mails of introduction. Welcome Ladies! And I hope, even a few men ;)
  • I am just about ready to start another "Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts" for my participation in Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative for donation...just fermenting some ideas in the quilty cauldron, for right now. My four 'seniors' (mom 83, dad 91, uncle 84 and MIL 92, are all doing the best they can and I am ever reminded of the importance of love, family and research for my own 50% of them with The Heartbreak of Alzheimer's. Gotta love our dear and precious aging family members with all our hearts! Without research and monies for it, our own time is a comin'! (Remember to use Goodsearch for at least two searches online a day!)

  • I am continually taking out Sometimes A Great Notion and admiring its depths of meaning as I try to connect with the lovely Finn and her phenomenal ability to play with snippets from her scrapbag and still create masterpieces.

  • Another wedding! Time to design another Personalized Wedding Gift and most likely another Freezer Paper Photo ( and Label!) Transfer Wedding Gift Pillow ! Love those, and the recipients are always completely delighted. Definitely not another toaster!

  • And I am always grateful for the wonderful creative energies of other quilters and bloggers I totally admire like dear Quiltdivajulie who never ceases to amaze me with her resilience and creative sparkle. Her never-ending-connective kindness is a blessing in my life!

  • I continue to spend at least an hour a day, reading as many of your quilting blogs as is humanly possible. And love my comments as its the easiest way for me to connect to readers and new-to-me bloggers! So much fun visiting your blogs!!!!

  • To me reading quilting blogs and connecting with others is just as important as any actual sewing and quilting I might do...charitable or otherwise. It's connections with others that makes us human and helps to keep us that way. And in the heat of summer, in limited sewing spaces across the world, and with the world's divisive differences instead of connective recognitions of sharedness...that is far more important than the simple expression of creative ego;)

  • And I am loving, loving, loving my morsbags making. Try it! I've made several dozen, have 6 more cut out and ready to sew!

  • And speaking of creative ego (sorry ;) as I told DH this morning, 384 visitors by 7:30 a.m! I've got to get a post off the press! Well, folks, considering my 4 hours of sleep and 3 cats weighing me down while enjoying it, the heat wave moving in today, and lots of fun projects stewing in my project I said.....TIME TO QUILT!


Mishka said...


You are truly a delight! I was more than happy to post your charity efforts and your list of amazing free patterns.

Please send the heat wave here, we've had a dismal summer (in my opinion anything less than 30C is not summer!). Ah well, I'm sure to be in the heat when I head to Nashville.

All the best,
the other Michele with one L

Quiltdivajulie said...

Many thanks for your words of kindness, Michele ~ you are an inspiration to me, you know...

Here's the the heart behind charity quilting ~ the willingness to use our time and talents to benefit others!

Heat index is over 100 here again today ~ many days in a row, now...

Mary Johnson said...

Can't wait to see the string quilt once it's bound. I've been busy quilting donated HeartStrings tops this week and now have a few waiting for binding myself.