Aug 9, 2008

Three Sisters: Patriotism Flies High

Listening to ABC news "Persons of the Week"last evening and hearing about the three Smith sisters, Kelly, Amber and Lacey Smith of White Salmon, WA made me think of my last three patriotic 'quilts of valor' all hanging out on my loft railings together. It's funny isn't it, how a quilters mind always goes to her quilts?

Air Force Captain Kelly Smith 31, grew up as a member of a third generation of pilots. With a grandfather who flew in the Army Air Corps during WWII and a grandmother and a mother who were flight attendants, her father put her in a Cessna as a youngster.

As Kelly said of her flying DNA....'It's absolutely ingrained in the blood. Like there's hydraulic fluid in there or something." Kelly flies a -130 Hercules plane with the 146th Airlift Wing in California, now dropping supplies to troops on the ground in Afghanistan.

Kelly is joined in the Armed Forces by her sisters, Amber 26, a Chief Warrant Officer who (wo)mans an OH058 Kiowa Warrior used for scouting attacks. Considered the most dangerous of the three sisters' jobs.

Third sister, Lacey 25, is also a chief warrant officer and pilots a Black Hawk helicopter. When she was a child, her sister, Kelly told her to take the controls, and I said, 'No, it's too windy,'" "And of course you know the big sister says all. And it was, 'Do it or no one's going to be on the controls." So, she did.

Now that all three are in Afghanistan, they feel honored to share their military service with one another. "As far as I know, we are probably the only ones," Kelly said. "I hope there are plenty of other girls out there that are learning to fly or want to fly and are able to get into the military. We're having a great time. We love it."

I'm sorry, I'm not even an armchair pilot. I can watch this news program and think 'wow!' But, I'll just sit in my armchair and finish sewing my binding on my current patriotic quilt, thank you!

Doesn't mean I'm not proud of the patriotic or hard work of these three sisters. It just means 'Three Sisters' are mountains near where we hold our famous outdoor quilt show is held in July every year and they are what I normally think of when I hear those words!

These three sisters are remarkable... and my thoughts and prayers certainly go out to them (and all members of our Armed Forces) as they fight to protect democracy and all that it stands for in the world.

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