May 21, 2008

WIPs, Snips, Scraps & Threadtales

I've noticed that a lot of bloggers post odds and ends on Wednesdays. It's the middle of the week, the caffeine that kicked in on Monday may be slumping by mid-week Wednesday, and our blogging minds have either become quilting frenzy ones or, "I sure wish I could have a nap" mush. So, in honor of mid-day slumps, mid-week bumps, or low sugar blahs, I offer life's little trivia's day. And invite you to do the same. The theme?

  • The weekend: Spent the weekend taking care of dear MIL. Shopping, tidying, changing bed linens, watering plants, fixing gladware meals for the week and visiting for hours and hours. We either analyze the entire family, create our own individual therapy suggestions or solve world problems. It works for us.

  • The week so far: Kristy Yamaguchi won "Dancing With the Stars"...I've resisted posting about DWTS for the entire season so as not to be a spoiler for a good friend who tapes the show and watches a delayed version, days later. Pat, if you're reading this..., sorry, actually somebody else won ;)......go watch your video. I must say, I am a happy woman, now I don't have to find all three of our phones with different phone numbers so as to cast my 5 votes from each. Poor hubby was terrified that he'd be at work, hit redial for a framer or plumber and get 'Dancing..' instead. Since his phone is on very loud speaker, everyone would have definitely heard the recording welcome from Bruno ;)

  • Oregon Politics: Obama took the State of Oregon after a phenomenal audience of 75,000 people at Portland's Waterfront Park and visits to colleges, shopping malls, restaurants etc up and down the state. Youngest DD shook his hand from her front row spot at the U of O, and all but one of us voted for him ;) Oregon, by the way, is a "mail vote only" state. We love fraud to date, no lines, no voting booths, it's great. Only down side? We get a million phone calls to vote for weeks on end, since campaign volunteers can tell weeks ahead of time when we haven't done so. Thank goodness, the voting is over for we don't have to chat with so many dedicated political volunteers AND tell them we were a split vote household. You can please half of the people half of the time...and not the other!

  • The Weather: Oregon's unbelievable heat wave turned to rain. We had cities on the coast that were hotter than Phoenix, Arizona. With the air conditioning 'out' in both the house and the car, I am grateful for being soggy again.

  • Quilting: I've been on the strings and crumbs scrappy charity quilting frenzy! My floor is a moat of fabric choices from the scrap bins, there is no drawbridge for gating off or walking through...but I'm having a ball!

  • Near Finishes: Two scrappys ready for free-motion quilting in my Viking Sapphire 870 Quilt, another ready to add borders to. Bags of strings and scraps for another 3 ready to go. All will go to my hospital bound stack for loving on sick children.

  • I conceded to blogging fads and added my signature with blog post help from Tanya W. My reason...this way people will be constantly reminded that I'm a 'one l' Michele. What can I say? My mom is 100% French and she still spelled it this way! I've met many a 'one l' and it's become a bond between all of us. So, just in case I'm hard to remember, I sew, quilt and blog "With Heart and Hands" on a non-stop "Quilting Journey."
  • I'm......MICHELEI live in Salem, Oregon, I'm a good DIL, I watch 'Dancing With the Stars', Yes, I already voted for Hillary, I don't mind rain, I sew for charitable causes, and I only have 'one l' in my name. Phew! I made it through mid-week slump Wednesday...hope you do, too!!!


Paula, the quilter said...

Way to go, Michele! The weather here has been tolerable. Today was perfect: cloud cover but in the 70s.

Tanya said...

I like your signature Michele. All the newsy news gives me an idea of what you are up to daily. By the way, how are your Mom and Dad? I'll be seeing my mom in a week or so and will probably have a long boring report on changes that I see...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about these. Well someday Ill create a blog to compete you! lolz.

Michele Bilyeu said... looks like I've been struck by the 'no reply' autobot commentor. So...word verification is now up to see if that makes a difference...and please DO NOT click on any comment you do not recognize...why give them a 'count' we don't want them to have...just to increase their 'numbers' and let them hit the 'lucky' 'jackpot' and other comment names that have been used. LOL

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Thanks for all your updates. The weather here is perfect, sunny skies- in the 70's-- slight breeze. Lots to do to fill my days and a family full of love. Life is Good! I, too, am a DWTS junkie as well as American Idol. Hugs to you~ one "l" Michele!

dee said...

Have a wonderul weekend Michele. Hope our weather holds as well. It's lovely.

Holly said...

I love the fact that we are a mail-in only voting state. I remember one year in my early voting years when we still had voting booths I was so flustered, no curtain to hide behind, worried I was taking too long, worried I would punch the wrong chad through, I can't be sure who I voted for that year! I vowed I would never vote again but then came mail in ballots. Thank God!