May 4, 2008

Neo-natal 'preemie' Quilts


 Angel Wraps and Preemie Blankets + NICU Gowns: Updated 2015

I have been busy making the sweetest and tiniest of quilts...those intended for premature infants in hospital neo-natal units. A dear friend was making several to bring along with her as she headed south to Arizona to visit family...intending to drop them off a local quilt shop there that she frequents. It turned out that they participate in the AZ Blankets for Kids project and my quilting friend loves to donate quilts along her travel routes each year. Last year she dropped off quilts to forest fire victims in California, this year to premature infants in Arizona.

It got me excited and busy and before long I had made 7 super simple little 18" quilts for her to bring along. Another friend made several more and now in just a couple of weeks, there are 13 quilts now heading south from Oregon to Arizona's AZ Blankets for Kids program.

AZ Blankets 4 Kids is a an all-volunteer non-profit serving children in need in the Phoenix area. Blankets go to preemies in neo-natal units in local hospitals as well as to children who are seriously ill or who have been traumatized in other ways. They believe that every child has the right to feel safe in this world and as we all know, wrapping up in a snuggly, warm quilt made with loving hands is one way to promote caring as well as sharing.

We used their Preemie Blanket Instructions and Guidelines and between us made the
Preemie, 9-Patch Quilt, 18” * (nurse's favorite)
Preemie, Double 4-Patch Quilt, 18” *
Preemie, One Patch Quilt *
Preemie Quilt, 1 Patch, 2 Borders

Preemie quilts need to be all cotton, without batting, 18" square , have as few seams and quilting as possible and no quilting can be used in the innermost 12" area. I have to admit, this was the fastest, easiest and probably the sweetest quilting I have done in a long while. It was fun to share and help out, and felt wonderful sending an armful of quilts along with a dear friend.

And her idea of 'quilt shop hop' combined with a 'quilt donation drop'...absolutely wonderful!

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Your preemie quilts look wonderful. I'm sure they will be appreciated in AZ!