Apr 2, 2008

Snippets and Thread Tales

  • For all of you who read The Origin of April's Fool's Day yesterday...April Fool's!
  • For those of you who wonder, does she ever actually quilt? 2 patriotics ready for binding at Monday's community sewing group, 2 completed baby quilts ready to go to new babies, a 75" x 80" heartstrings quilt being backed, the fabric for 5 preemie quilts in the dryer and one cut-out preemie quilt currently under the needle.
  • How long do I spend sewing in the average day? Probably about 5 hours
  • How long do I spend on the computer in the average day? Way, way too much.
  • How many visitors my first month of blogging: 0. During my second month? 7
    Who were my first comment froms? paula, Shelina, Nellie , Finn, Patti :) :) :) :) :)
  • How many posts do I plan on reading today: 90. Within 2/wks: 647 more. (with dial-up, no less .... I am almost a saint) Oh, and I'm not on any blog rings of any kind, either.
  • Number of comments that I'll make at other's blogs...that's hard with dial-up, and so many blogs, but I aim for 12 a day.
  • How many visitors do I have in a day? Today's projected average is 323. That is higher than it's been. I've had over 500 in a day, however, but averaged 60 for an eternity. By 2009, however, I went up to 700. The most I've ever had? ...over 1,200! Blew me away!!!
  • Do I care how many people visit my blog? When I first started blogging it took me an average of 6 hours to load one photo and post one blog and I had 0 visitors. It took me over 6 months to get AOL to accept Blogger and not fight each other and me. It taught me both acceptance and persistence. Now, I feel like blogging has a purpose and a mission. It makes me want to both think and write more carefully. And it also creates the desire in me to give even more back out again, in return. So, the answer is yes, I do care. It's part of my spiritual mission in reaching out and helping others.
  • Why do I blog? I believe it is a way of sharing and giving out to others. It allows me to use my English degree by actually reading and writing ;) It's a wonderful way to feel a connection with others at another dimension of being. It's a way to sew and share the sewing with others and I just plain have fun blogging ;)
  • How about you? Want to share back?

shown: my snippets bag which matches my Sewing Machine Pad With Pockets and bits and pieces of scraps that became pattern weights


Paula, the quilter said...

So, I am still commenting *s*. Blogging is teaching me to think through a thought. Whew! Try typing that. O no, another alliteration! As an almost English major, I find that blogging is bringing out that writing skill that I used to try to cultivate.

Nellie's Needles said...

Me too ... still commenting, that is. With all the traffic on your blog it's a wonder that you don't get dozens of comments on each post. You write wonderfully well about interesting subjects. Thank you for persevering to be "out there" for me to discover you.

jovaliquilts said...

I am gullible -- I believed the April Fools story! So now I have to track down the REAL story of poisson d'Avril!

Tanya said...

Loved your insights into why you blog. I too sort of come to the conclusion that I just have fun blogging. But it's true that I like writing and reading and maybe showing off what I make. I guess it is a record of my present life and thoughts but I don't want to get too reflective. It is a great way to put down a little history (like today's post about Takumi) that could get lost only in one's head or in the mountains of photo albums. I have to admit, blogging is a good way to make friends though a year ago I might have said that people who depended on cyber-relationships were treading dangerous waters... Interesting how such a simple activity can mold my daily schedule and my thoughts.

Shelina said...

I'm still here too! I love the idea of the snippets, and will add my facts to my blog.

I thought there was something fishy about April Fish day but I trusted you!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love today's post... how I "envy" your five hours a day of sewing time (I spend 8 hours plus lunch and commute time at work, when I'd MUCH rather be playing with fabrics)... but, of course, a part of me is plotting the next quilt, considering color options, searching for quotes and/or writing stories to go along with my Priority Quilts in between the legal documents and phone calls!

So much to consider... thanks for jumpstarting a new line of thought!

Anonymous said...

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Finn said...

Hello Michele, love your snippet bag! Great idea, one I've never adopted... I keep a popcorn tin with plastic bag liner in a straight drop line from where the snippet bag would hang...LOL. But maybe someday...*VBS*
I truly believe you blog with a purpose, that's how you got that award first...my list of 5 still only contains you and Clare. Haven't found 3 more as yet.
With dial up, hard to imagine reading as many blogs as you do. Keep stitching dear friend, big springy(?)hugs, Finn

margaret edwards said...

Am looking for a quilt pattern I think it is called Royal Stars of the States. Can Anyone help me on this or am I off on the name. If you can help please email me at

Thank you all