Apr 7, 2008

Monday Offerings

For Madigan Army Hospital in Fort Lewis, WA:
At Top: Patriotic HeartStrings Quilt Project lap quilt 45" x 50".
Second Row, left: Patriotic, appliqued lap quilt 45" x 50", 3-D stars and the words 'Pride, Honor, Duty, Valor.'
I usually send my patriotic lap quilts for newly wounded soldiers returning home to the USA for medical treatment to Madigan Army Hospital in WA.
For the American Legion, at their request and using their instructions:
Second Row, right: A qulted blue star banner; 8 patriotic bags-called 'ditty' bags, they are used for the complimentary hospital supplies, soldiers are given upon arriving; 6 tiny neck roll pillows; and four bigger bags used to transport everything.


Clare said...

Sorry to interrupt, but didn't you say you were going to make me a letter or two?

jovaliquilts said...

Madigan Army Hospital?!?! That's where I was born!

Finn said...

Hi Michele, just dropping by to see what you are making progress on this week....and its wonderful!
So many projects and one so quickly. Great job! Hugs, Finn