Feb 21, 2008

How To Make a Heart Shaped 'Mitt' Potholder

I love to use every bit of my leftover scraps and put them to good use. I also love 'potholder therapy' where sewing easy things in my spare time allows me to feel a sense of accomplishment in an otherwise crowded or busy day.

My site, because of its name, receives countless 'hits' on anything that involves hearts and heart shapes, so it seemed appropriate to offer a simple photo tutorial on making a heart hot mitt...the kind where your hand can fit inside and can safely grasp hot cookies sheets, cassaroles etc.

Hot Pad 'Mitt' Photo Tutorial:

Step 1: As a stash buster or scrap user project, use fabric scraps and a homemade heart shaped pattern. I cut mine from a piece of copy paper...folding it in half lengthwise and cutting the half heart shape as you would a paper valentine. This one measures about 8 1/2" x 10" as you can see by enlarging the above photo.

Step 2: Using this pattern, cut out two whole heart pieces and two complete sets of center split heart pieces from fabrics of choice...remember that you will 'see' the inside lining of the back piece as well as the front split heart piece.

Step 3: Cut batting pieces for both the full heart piece and the two split heart pieces. I like to baste them together for stability at this point by stitching or zigzagging around all edges.

Step 4: Using double wide bias tape, add it to the inner split edge as in photo, top stitching a finishing seam after turning it to the inside.

Step 5: Using the double wide bias tape, also add it to the outer edges of your heart shaped hot pad using the same technique. And you have an easy and fun heart shaped mitt potholder!

PS Someone commented that when you click on the photos, you get a 404, not a larger photo. Sorry about that! Picasa pics do weird things over time and with files getting larger and filling up on my blogs. Hope yo can still see what is going on, here. Free is free and we all get what we get, I'm sorry to day! So, at some point, I just have to accept blogger and picasa for what they are and what they do!


Tanya said...

I consider anything that is a stashbuster as a very worthwhile project! Great valentines day gift for someone next year!

Tracy said...

that is really cute. Thanks for sharing :)

Searchfamilies said...

This is really cute, & you have a wonderful blog thanks for sharing this really helps us novices & people who don't have access to quilting places (which where i am in the UK is me) thank you

Margot said...

Thank you!