Monday, January 28, 2008

Out of Time and Into Space

And like the snow falls in the river, A moment white--then melts forever."
Robert Burns

I flew across time and through multiple layers of space. I looked upon the rivers, and the glaciers and the beautiful mountains of Alaska below. I knew that one life, left behind, was now merging with the one life, past. And as I flew, not only space was changing...but time was changing, too.

We lose an hour, gain an hour, and we are still the same, yet somehow still, subtly different. I was now becoming fully present, in a new moment in my new merged life. It's a challenge to go from space where one worked so hard and with so many challenges back into another world with similar deadlines and challenges there, as well.

I looked down through the darkness from my airplane window, and it was so very, very lovely. I came from snow and I returned to snow. Yet strangely enough, my own Oregon home lay in a respite spot of green grass and windblown dying leaves. Not yet time for the new growth of Spring, but time to finish up the business of Winter, now and past.

I came home to the unpacking of my Alaskan memories, the intercepting phone calls layered upon one another and the knowledge that it was time to finish up all of the unfinished lists and finally go into my sewing room. How comforting to see the safe and familiar. How lovely to see the magic of colors and textures. How wonderful to dream and vision lovely things to create anew.

I'm home again. A different home, a different place, but still my home. I looked around through all of the layers of time and space and dreamed of flying free.