Thursday, December 06, 2007

Warning: I am in the Sewing Room Today

I am in my sewing room today. Hopefully, I am sewing. If I am not sewing, then I am thinking about sewing. I have been thinking about sewing for a very long time now. Days in fact.

I thought about sewing on Monday, when my sewing machine meander stitched for 45 minutes, apparently without my input. It looked great on top. I'd show you a picture, but since it takes 75 minutes to unsew 45 minutes of sewing, I forgot to take a picture.

I also forgot to take a picture of what the cats did to the fabric scattered all over the family room floor.The primarily black fabric that now could be described as the black fabric with the alpaca finish. You know, that black fabric that has been loved to pieces by 3 cats when your mind was elsewhere.I decided I won't be making that project this year. Or perhaps, any year, but definitely not this year.

I will also not be making the quilt I was trying to finish. Since I meander, as well as digress, my quilting is either stitch out of the ditch or meandering. My sewing machine doesn't want to do either one right now. She still sews, don't get me wrong. She's not on strike, she's simply on a little Christmas break.

I went into my sewing room. And I began to sniff my fabric. The pheronomes came in. Don't Bother Me, I am Sniffing Fabric Pheronomes Today They surged in, in fact. Or perhaps, they flashed in. Yes, I was all powered up. After all, I am a woman well over the hill of 50 and I am allowed to surge and to flash.

In fact, if you look up "woman at 50", in the search engine you will find:1. Chionepithelioma in a Woman, aged 50 vascular moles in utero in woman at 50. Apparently, that is like being pregnant and having a huge stomach to show for it, but not truly being pregnant because it's truly a mole. A mole???? That's just what I said.
2. Attack of the 50' Woman :a sci fi movie from 1958.
3. Kappa Delta Alumnae Neighborhood , a 50 year old woman who is awe inspiring enough to have been given an award for it.
4. An article from the Journal of American Medicine Does This Woman Have Osteoporosis?
And finally, last but not least, there's me.
5. With Heart and Hands, A Quilting Journey: String Quilting ..... ( Warning: Woman Over 50 With a Rotary Cutter). I am a danger to myself and to others. I am over 50, on a power surge high, not sleeping and ... - 68k - Similar

And yes, that is definitely me. Check me out. Because the other me, she's in the sewing room today. Her stomach is feeling distended, she feels like attacking somebody, she definitely wishes she felt inspired, and with all of the hunching over and unstitching, osteoporosis is probably setting in as we speak. I am still sniffing fabric today, I have a rotary cutter, I am on power surge high and...well you know: Read my Warning Disclaimer!

Seriously, I am a threat? Thank heavens this was a mistake. AOL surely you have bigger fish to fry than little ole me? Yum, something smells it fish frying? Oh, wait...I am in my sewing room today and all of this fabric sure smells fine!