Nov 5, 2007

They Named Me Marjorie

They Named Me Marjorie (The Brave Journey of an Orphan Train Rider) by Ann Zemke, is making the rounds of Finn's "Riding the Orphan Train" quilting group. And "Sleepless in Salem" managed to read it in just two of the few benefits of not sleeping ;)

It's not an easy book to read, it's a challenging one. From the very first page to the very last one, you keep wishin' and hopin' that Mary/Marjorie would feel loved, be happy and have some kind of chapter in her life that was a good one. But other than Lizzie her doll, you sure don't feel the love in this little orphan's life!

Somehow, that all comes full circle, knowing that her grandaughter, Ann Zemke, who found Mary's diary and turned it into a book, and even better, a quilt, helps make up for that...because people like myself, are reading it and learning her (and other Orphan Train riders') story.

When the book stopped by this depot, it had already been read by 1) Tracey, Quilting In Connecticut 2) Carol E. ,Giraffe Dreams 3) Finn Riding the Orphan Train and now myself, 4) Michele With Heart And Hands; A Quilting Journey

Finn knows that I like to read and am deeply touched by the Orphan Train children and their stories. And as As I told Finn:

"Some of us sew, and some of us just lay in bed and read ;) ... if everyone could just read about the Orphans and feel what I feel, you'd sure want to whip up some quilts for the little ones to hide under when they're lonely or sad, or cuddle under when they do have someone to love them! Maybe, when the book is done, I'll come up with another quilt! But right now, the train is docked at this depot and I'm under a quilt :) "

Well, I finished the book, but I still feel like crawling, and staying under those quilts! And if you read my What's On Your Bed? post, you know that means 5 quilts, and three cats. Now Su Bee says I need to sit on the deck and drink Margaritas and Linda H. says, I need to put the cats into training to take care of the Underbed world so I can sleep better at night. But I figure, more quilts, more books, maybe even another cat ?

You know, it truly helps to remember how blessed I am to have a good, warm home to sleep (or not sleep in) all of the quilts I need, and lots more to make... and a whole world of wonderful quilting friends to share with!

And now, that I'm in a sharing mood. Someone else who belongs to the Riding the Orphan Train group needs to get this book next?

Anyone, interested?

shown above:
"They Named Me Marjorie"
on my own "Orphan Train" quilt

not shown above:
me on the back deck,
learning to mix and drink Margaritas,
as I watch the 3 cats in training
(oh man, two of them are in Su Bee's sink!)


SuBee said...

That was indeed a difficult one but one I'm glad I read. I had heard of that only periferially with no insight or detail. Makes you cry for long ago children.
BTW - my mom maintains that if there's enough quilts on your bed you can't move so you have to stay put and sleep. And maybe sleeping in the sink would help? It looks pretty comfy!

Jeanne said...

If I'm not too late, I'd love to be next for the book!
Jeanne :)

atet said...

Sounds like a pretty special book!

Tracey in CT said...

This is great! I read the book in one night right after I got it, then I sent it along to Carol. She told me that she had a plan...until today, I hadn't realized that it was making its way all over the place! I'm glad that others are able to read Marjorie's story...she certainly had a difficult life.