Nov 15, 2007

I am Meandrously Quilting Today


1. To follow a winding and turning course
2. To move aimlessly and idly without fixed direction
3. Circuitous windings or sinuosities, as of a stream or path.
4. A circuitous journey or excursion; ramble. Often used in the plural.
5. An ornamental pattern of winding or intertwining lines, used in art and architecture.
6. An intricate variety of fret or fretwork

synonyms: wander, wind, twist, snake, or coil
Origin: 1570-80;
From Latin maeander, circuitous windings
From Greek maiandros, after Maiandros, after the winding Maeander River in Phrygia
meander (s) v.
meander v. with object
meandering v.
me·ander·er n.
me·ander·ing·ly adv.
me·androus (-drs) adj.
Shown above:
On the last of my meandrous stitching today; then the binding; then I'm done with all of the sinuousities of the project that I thought I'd have finished last Monday ;)


Shelina said...

It looks great. Keep up the good work.

There are so many good shows on this season, it is really hard to pick a few since I am trying hard not to watch show after show. So Dancing with the Stars is not on my list.

jenclair said...

Everything takes me longer than I anticipate! Love the listing of all the definitions of one of my favorite words.

dee said...

sounds like one of my usual days-a little of this here and a little of that there. Your meanderings are beautiful.