Nov 9, 2007

100 Members of the Osmond Family + Oprah

Over 100 members of the Osmond family will be appearing today, on Oprah! George Virl Osmond, the patriarch of the large family, died on Tuesday, Nov. 6th, but the family decided to honor not only their pre-scheduled appearance on Oprah's show, but their father by preparing a tribute in his honor.

When the news of their father's death reached Donny and Marie in LA where Marie was appearing on Dancing With The Stars they immediately boarded a private jet for a flight back to Provo, Utah in order to join with other family members and plan for their father's funeral.

As a family, they decided to honor their previously scheduled commitment to appear on Oprah's show. As Donny is quoted as having said: “I called my brothers to see if we should even do the show in light of the loss of our dad but then we immediately realized that this is a celebration of his life.” He added that a good portion of the show will honor his father, George Osmond.

Marie is quoted as saying: “To have something like Oprah right now is really special to our family because there was nothing my parents loved more than their posterity and to see everyone all together is really unique." George and Olive Osmond have nine children, 55 grandchildren and 48 great-grandchildren. Olive died in 2004.

The show is expected to showcase clips from George Osmond's 1970's appearance on the Dinah Shore show as well as other clips from the family's show business career.

Donny says, “Donny and Marie will sing a medley of our hits. The Osmond brothers will sing a medley of hits. And then if we can get through it, we will close the show with the song that always ended Donny and Marie: ‘Make Tomorrow A Perfect Day.’

Whether you like the Osmonds or not, and whether you agree or disagree with their decision, it takes an amazingly strong family to even do something like this...especially so soon after their father's death and right before his funeral. But it truly is an amazing opportunity to also show their love, support and remembrance of their father (and mother!) and all that they shared in this lifetime.

For reference, the names of the 9 Osmond children are:
Virl, Tom, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, Donny, Marie, and Jimmy
Virl and Tom were born severely hearing impaired, the others are all or have been, performers


SuBee said...

I'd give my left arm to watch that one!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Su Bee, I'll tape it for you on the VCR. Send me your left arm. I could use an extra hand around here.

Perry said...

I have this taped to watch later. They are truly a unique family.

Finn said...

Thanks for a a very informative look at what's happening regarding this wonderful family.
Just a note to let you know your bag hit the train rails yesterday *VBS* Jeanne is thrilled that she will get to see the bag as well as the book. Happy snowy weekend!Hugs, Finn

CONNIE W said...

One of my friends and fellow blogger, Angela, The Country Cellar, from Southern Indiana wrote about being there in person. Here's her link:, if you wish to visit.

MARCIE said...

Dang, I missed that show! I wonder if I can find it on line or something. The Osmond family is wonderful and I esp. love Donny and Marie!

Anonymous said...

I still have that show tivoed and need to watch. I have always loved the Osmonds!!!