Oct 28, 2007

Just Ducky!

Today was an absolutely beautiful sunny day in Salem, Oregon. I spent lovely time basking in the sun as I pruned wild blackberries vines off of shrubbery and swept autumn leaves off of decks and driveways.

Not being much of a sports person...remember I grew up in Alaska in the territorial era and the only sport my high school even had was basketball! So, I don't follow or understand as much as I should.....about ANY sport ;)

Nevertheless, yesterday the University of Oregon Ducks won their game over USC and the Oregon State Beavers won theirs over Stanford.

So, I offer today...my quilty sports basket for a niece and nephew-in-law's first child...a little girl who was destined to be dressd in all of the appropriate U of O attire. They are avid Ducks fans, so of course I obliged with a 'Just Ducky' basket and a simple pieced flannel quilt!

My husband and I are both graduates of OSU, as is our son. But both of our girls went to, and one is still going to U of O. When it's time for the big UO and OSU civil war game (Dec. 1st this year)...it's hard to know who to cheer for. Where we went, or where our money is now.

Sorry, Oregon State...I don't have a Beaver gift basket to display...at least yet!


Debi said...

What a cute idea. I am sure they are going to just love it. I was rooting for the Ducks over the Trojans. My brother is a professor at USC, but has his degrees from UCLA...I always root against his teams!

Love Bears All Things said...

Hi, i just happened upon your blog. I'm enjoying the reading.
Mama Bear

Shelina said...

When you say OSU and OU, I'm thinking Ohio, not Oregon. That's a great idea for a gift basket.