Oct 17, 2007

Green + Solar

The LEED-H Platinum cottage that we built for the award winning Pringle Creek Community here in Salem, Oregon has made the front cover of Green + Solar magazine! The home was part of the Oregon Green&Solar Home Tours in October, as well as the Salem Home Building Association Tour of Homes, this summer.

The home is a model home for the Pringle Creek Development and was designed in conjunction with Opsis Architecture of Portland. Pringle Creek Community has received national recognition by the National Association of Home Builders as the "Land Development of the Year." This cottage styled home is the first home in the Northwest to achieve LEED's top-tier honor, one of only 1 of 5 such homes in the nation. This house has the highest Leed-H Platinumn rating of the five homes awarded this nation-wide certification.

The model home featured a number of energy and environmental features that reduce the house’s impact on the environment, not only in the construction of the home, but also in the operation and maintenance. The specific environmental features included:

- Day lighting and cross ventilation
- Rainwater harvesting system to be used for irrigation of the landscaping
- Solar hot water system
- Photovoltaic system
- Geothermal heating system tied to a community well
- Energy Recovery system
- Premium air filtration system
- Use of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood throughout the house
- Locally produced materials such as Pacific Madrone hardwood floors

Shown above:
-Cover of Green+ Solar Magazine showcasing the cottage home back view
-Article on the home, showcasing the front view (that's me on the far left :)
-First page of the article, with a photo of a model display wall
-Second page with a photo of the interior of the home

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