Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fabric Post Card

Sending a fabric post card across the miles to all of you, today! Titled 'Big Hug' it is meant to represent the childhood game of the same name that I played with my little ones...the simple act of grabbing their sweet arms wide open and saying big hug! And in the process...a way of opening up the energetic heart and filling it with love and nurturing.

As the autumnal winds clear the air of both leaves and summer's bounty, it is not uncommon for many of us to feel the beginnings of winter creep in and that is often the trigger for the early symptoms of SAD or seasonal affective disorder, or the beginning of depression for those who face that challenge.

We are lucky in Oregon right now. Here, in Salem, we are having a return of what we have always called "Indian Summer". A harvest of not only fall's bounty but the blessings of beautiful sunshine. As I take turns between sewing and quilting, fall cleaning, and heading outside to sweep up leaves and prune bushes and trees, I think of all of you online...and my own heart is filled with gratitudes.

Please let this fabric art card and its hugs enter into your own heart and fill you with the same harvest of bounties. Know how much I appreciate each and every one of you and the places that you have all come to hold in my own life!

A gentle hug to Marie Osmond for fainting at "Dancing With the Stars" last night. I know several people who periodically faint with stress and/or exertion. Called 'syncope', it is usally a sudden fall of blood pressure, resulting in a temporary loss of consciousness. Triggered by stress, overexertion and dehydration, it is a warning to all of us to not over do exertion while emotionally stressed.

So 'soft fabric post card hug' to Marie Osmond, to Jennie Garth who faces the California wildfires near her home, and to Jane Seymour for the loss of her mother. A reminder to all of us, that even celebrities face the same problems that the rest of us do!

Fabric quilt post card made with the same "turned over and brought to the back" technique that I prefer to zig zagging raw edges or binding. And the beading...that it is such a fun departure from the more sedate aspects of traditional quilting!

Send a big or a soft hug today!
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