Saturday, September 29, 2007

You All Make Me Smile!

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Debi of Quilting With Debi has awarded me the coveted Make Me Smile award. Thank you, this world, anyone that can make us smile, is someone worth knowing...and trust me, Debi, is! And check out Debi's blog for a really cute cartoon that made me laugh out loud!

This Award includes a tag alone Meme, which somewhere in blogland, morphed into a MeMe and the idea became one that it was supposed to be 'all about me'. In reality, they are Memes...Shelina was one of our early bloggers who got Meme fever raised to a high pitch, last year. I played along in my Quilting Meme: The Orphan Block post, and morphed it in the process. Shelina noticed instantly, which ended up being I therefore truly worked with the meme by altering it, and in the process I made a new friend... and finally learned how to create links, such as this one Quilting Meme (Revised) back to Shelina, to give her credit....where credit was due!

According to Wikipedia, a Meme refers "to a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another." One which somehow binds us as one in its transmission and sharing. Along the way of culturally transmitting, it often changes form or format, even original intent. It's similar to playing the old game of Gossip. One person says something and you pass it on. In the transmission...the 'passing on', it changes...totally morphs into something either slightly different, or totally different...and a new 'being' is created.

This particular Meme involves using the letters of your name to share something about yourself and and then tagging 6 other blog friends to play the game... and learn more from.... next!

So, who exactly is the real Michele, I asked myself? And what words, using the letters of my name...which only has one 'l', by the way, and not two, as many people have tried to morph me...what words, best describe me?

Here I am, and pardon any ego ;)

H= healing

My husband, provided the final 'e' and I thought it was perfect. For anyone who has ever wondered how in the world I can be a sane woman one moment and totally wonky the next....Wild and Crazy?? I am a Wonky Wonked Woman! ...that's enigmatic: mysterious, changeable and unknown ;)

Now, even deeper yet, Su B...get your shovel....who MIGHT I have been if my mother had only added that second 'l' and I had been a "Michelle' instead of a 'Michele' ? You tell me, I'd be interested to know ;)

The 6 people I am tagging.... to delve so deeply into themselves.... are all interesting and creative women.... whose blogs I never miss! Even when I return to Salem, Oregon from Douglas, Alaska and my google reader tells me I have 1,000+ posts to read and I am still trying to catch up!!!!

I tag:
Finn, Shelina, Su Bee, Mrs. Goodneedle, paula, the quilter, Tanya, atet and Lindah
I wish I could tag many, many, more! I just love you gals! Also, this Meme has already morphed ;)