Sep 7, 2007

Juneau Pioneer's Home: Friendship Quilt

I was delighted to learn today, that the Juneau Pioneer's Home houses a lovely quilt made by in honor of a previous Juneau School District nurse, named Rosemary Quast. Apparently, Rosemary moved to Oregon in 1983, but the quilt hangs in the Pioneer Home in her honor. Inspired by a chose friend,the quilt is made up of 49 blocks, all totally hand-sewn by various friends in the Juneau community.

As I look at this quilt, I can't help but feel a sense of not only beauty but the history of deep and abiding friendships that is represented by the original creation and then the hanging of this quilt in the Pioneer Home for the past 23 years.

How lucky any of us would be to have our own friends create and honor us with such a generous gift of community friendship.

Left: The 'Friendship Quilt', created under the guidance of Mary Lou King, as it hangs in a sitting room of the Juneau Pioneer's Home.

Center: 'Canadian Goose' by Pat Pressing in honor of a wild Canadian goose egg she found lying on the beach. Pat brought the egg home and allowed her own setting hen to lie on it for incubation.

Right: 'Eskimo Mother and Child' by Olga Loescher.


Shelina said...

What a great quilt! I am surprised Rosemary didn't take it with her to remember her time in Alaska.

Lindah said...

An interesting quilt! It must have been difficult for Rosemary to make the decision to leave the quilt in the community that so lovingly created it!