Aug 11, 2007

90% Perspiration 10% Inspiration

Melzie tagged me, bless her heart and said:
This is not just a quilting blog, although I could go on for a while about how great her quilts are :) But its also a blog that I can learn from, be inspired from, she seems to be a very earthy soul and that speaks to me :)

Gosh, Melzie, (blush, blush) Thank you, so very much! You are just too dear for words!

I am working outside, in the yard, today. So, I am definitely feeling like a very earthy soul. I have pruned 9 rhododendron bushes, 2 hydrangeas, 1 mimosa tree and 3 gigantic ferns. They originally towered over and around me. Now, they are mere skeletal remains of their former selves. Michele Lopperhands attacked them with a vengeance.

I'm not sure if my soul is speaking to anybody today, but my whole, entire body is screaming out
to anyone who'll listen. I would expect,pretty much all of you, from Oregon to Greenland to Japan to Africa, to be able to hear me, today.

I have filled both of the above, three times with branches. I asked my husband for a chain saw and a flat bed trailor for the front yard. My skin is glowing profusely in the heat and I now am a lot more earthier......but of course, it's all under my fingernails.

When the 90% active ingredients cools off and rests up, the 10% will pass on the nomination tag to the next (blush) deserving recipient.
Ok. I'm done.

I pass the wheelbarrow on to...ta da...Su B, or is it, Sue B, or maybe Sue Bee? She keeps changing her name, hoping I won't be able to find her blog and comment. Sue! Yoo Hoo! You are nominated, tagged, rassled to the ground and pinned with this official award.

You inspire me in ways too big for mere words too encompass. You take what life gives you, whether you like it or not, and you keep going. You set your dreams high and your goals to include others, as well. You have an enormous heart, a delightful personality, and you are just as wonderful of a grandma as your own grandma ever was!

That and you make beautiful quilts,amazing purses and pass on good genetics for some incredibly beautiful grandbabies.

And best of all, you are an excellent invisible friend.
Congratulations to Su Bee! My most inspirational blogger!

((Thank you, Melzie, for nominating me! It was fun while I still had my crown.))


Shelina said...

Congrats on your award. And now that you've had some practice, I guess I'll let you into my yard and do your lopperhands magic here.

SuBee said...

Oh my gosh! First - you totally deserve this, and second - I don't know that I do!
Ummm....just one question? Exactly who rasseled me down - Ms Lopperhands or Mama Michelle, teacher par exellance?
You rock, sister!