Thursday, July 26, 2007

Within Borders, If Not Boundaries

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I woke up in the middle of the night and the right hand had to hold the left hand down, and both hands had to hold onto my feet..... to keep me from jumping out of the bed, running upstairs and checking on my quilt. I knew, just knew for an absolute and positive fact... that I had spent the day before sewing my borders on wrong.

When the Universe decided that this part of my Journey should be as a 'Community Quilter.' She did it for a reason. My quilts are always good enough to give away. I count that as one of my greatest blessings, since the urge and need to sew run deeply within my soul. If I couldn't give it away, well...there'd be no point in sewing at all ;)

So, you are wondering, just what did I do to this little set of borders? Well, ladies it's what I forgot to your mind's are thinking! Yes, indeed......I forgot to measure! I am now written down in the great big book of "Broken Quilting Rules in Heaven"...'She forgot to measure.'

Thankfully, I pride myself on being a boundary breaker. I love to 'dare to be different' although at first glance I look and act pretty normal. That is my secret disquise. If you want to break rules and expand boundaries, you must be willing to suffer the consequences of disapproval, rejection, and possibly flaws and failure. And you must be able to do so...with a smile.

So now, I measured in the morning. Yes, one side is 1/2" longer here, another 3/4" wider there. Oh, no! What did that tape measure say, here? I tried not to look, so any report will be highly inaccurate, anyway. That's what happens when life gives you quilts: it can or cannot also give you guilts. I am fine with it. A little tug here, a bit of tack there, the forgivingness of the quilting it all under and in, later. I will survive and so will she. This is after all, an "Orphan Train Quilt." She is made up of misfits and left behinds who only want one thing and one thing alone, to be loved in this lifetime. She is not meant to be perfect. She is just meant to be perfectly loved.

You'll have to admit....., the scraps I found for the borders look pretty good. Heck, they might even distract one from any and all imperfections ;)