Jul 27, 2007

Invisible Friends: They've Got My Back

Well now, being a genuinely nice blogger, indeed, and minding both my p's and my q's (as in Quilt Police) I would just like to say...ahem:

I am deeply grateful for the good natured qualities of my very dear, very nice, and very invisible blogger friends.

First of all, to Shelina, who not only comments regularly on my blog, but always has something either nice, or thought provoking to say and is currently vowing NOT to turn me into the QP, as long as I stay true and nice to her. Well, of course, Shelina is one of our most thoughtful bloggers and a very dedicated one, as well. You are so great, Shelina, thanks ever so much !!! ;)

And Su Bee, who has been here for me through thick and thin. And as we all know, sometimes I lay it on pretty thick and sometimes my substance matter is pretty thin. Su Bee must have money......as she has offered to bail me out. So, she not only has my back, but as previously mentioned in one of her past comments, she has a gun.

And, in my defense, rushing in from her cornfields, we have atet who not only admits to having an 'attitude' but says there has been NO mistake with the lack of measurement in these borders! Well, enough said about Atet, except perhaps that she knows how to handle high schoolers and she's been a substitute teacher!!!

And then, there is dear Holly, who is a wonderful quilter even though she is too nice to admit it, but who is still nice enough to commiserate with me on the trials of adding borders, and therefore.....strengthens the jury count on my side! Thanks, Holly!

And, way too sweet for words,we have Sweet P , herself, who said... "You mean there are rules for borders? There are rules for quilting?" Gosh, I like how that girl thinks!!!

And last but not least, there is my newest invisible friend, homemakerkate, who supports me in my eternal quest for happiness in contrast to the endless despair of perfection. Now, there are a couple of things you should know about Kate. She was Homemaker of the Year in 2002 and to quote her directly from her own blog...she can "drop a man twice (her) size and disable him."

Now, tell me, does anyone every threaten any of them with the Quilt Police?.......or, are they just so nice and so powerful....that no one dares touch them....and it's just border breakers like me who get their rotary blades confiscated, are wrapped up in their tape measures, told to back up against their design walls, and then are pinned down with extra large basting pins?

So, write me down, threaten me, break down my sewing room door. .....I've got Invisible Friends and they've all got my back!

Well then, need I say more? I think I am good to go!!! :)
shown above:
My back for my 'Orphan Train' quilt, in progress


dee said...

When all else fails I resort to the ART approach, as in..."Your quilt is very ARTISTIC!" "What a great idea...different sized borders!!!" It brings a whole other dimension to quilting-
Relax-if you go down for this you'll have lots of company in Quilt Jail.

SuBee said...

Good grief, woman - what in blazes are you doing up at that hour?????
Uh-oh -- your right hand weakened and your left took off, all on it's own? The QP got you and allowed you one online call?
Don't forget - there was only ever one Perfect Person, and you know what happened to Him........

Finn said...

Dear, dear Michele, apparently I wasn't clear enough in my invocation for you before Sisters. NO ONE, in positions of authority or power, white coats or blue, dare harm you in any way! To the quilt police you are INVISIBLE! They will just wonder about what they see, scratch their heads and move on....you are completely free of them. UNLESS you cave into to the 'fear'.
I love your newly created backing..it's perfect and gives a home to perhaps other unloved bits and pieces. The pins are an absolutely perfect touch!!! *VBS* I approve!!
Regard the borders...I thought they looked marvelous. Just like they should look! Who have you been talking to that you would question these perfect borders???? You know there were NO measuring tapes available back at the beginnings and in slave quarters, of course you know that!
Those devices are for the primpy fussy, colic ridden quilts of the anually constrained. God made eyes before tape measures.
You my dear need a good talking to..I'm just sure of it! This rim rider and forest dweller says...what do you mean you need baby steps. You start that paragraph off with the "I can't" look on your face.It's not about Y seams or any such thing. It's flying by the seat of your pants...I'm going back to that very early delightful post of yours about the sunshine bright childrens fabics bag and copy it for you! You need to step out of those grown up shoes and get back to playing barefoot. You fly best by the seat of your pants without a pattern or guidelines. Fitting things together and whacking where necessary and adding on if needed.
My goodness, if playing with orphans was about getting approval, I'd have run for the hills with mine ages ago!!!! We don't need anyones approval, that has nothing to do with us! You must be free to do what you chose to do, and yes, YOU have EXCELLENT backup..every one of those gals(and more) want you to do 'your' thing, not someone elses I'll be back sooner to check on you!! Big hugs for my special friend, Finn (Don't make Sylvia come after you now!)

atet said...

I don't know if it's that we're nice OR powerful -- rather it's a firm disregard for the quilt police in general. Yeah, there are some things you have to worry about when you're quilting. I mean, a quilt that lays flat is nice and all -- but really, the thing is that this hobby/obsession/craft is supposed to be FUN. I have enough other rules, regulations, etc in the rest of my life. I even have to enforce some of them. When I quilt -- I want to do it on my own terms, and with a sense of joy. Otherwise, why the heck would I do it? Remember -- this is supposed to be enjoyable, not anotehr layer of stress in your life!

Anonymous said...

Dear Michele,
take comfort in knowing that the QP really have nothing eles to look forward to. Isnt that sad? Long ago, they too used to have fun sewing and quilting...I have seen cave drawings depicting this. Honestly the QP just give me the creative fuel I need to make the most OUTRAGEOUS statement I can in a quilt. LOL. I have one in drawing form now that says "Caution, Women With Scissors" ...oh my I am laughing soo hard!!
homemakerkate "WHaa Whaa Whaa" (she assumes fighting stance)

Sweet P said...

Thanks for mentioning me. I still don't think there are rules when creating - except for "Have Fun".

I didn't realize until this morning that you are in Salem, OR. We are driving from Sunriver to Portland, OR today by way of Salem and a side trip to Dallas, OR to visit Grandma's Quilting Attic. I'll shout out a hi as we drive through.