Jul 8, 2007

I am 53% American, How American are You?

Posted by PicasaI don't like guns, I am embarrassed by our lack of health care and social security programs, I often vote for the least popular president, I drive an older car and I am not in any personal debt. Apparently, these all make me a borderline 'American.'

If you look at the sidebar on my blog, you will see that I am a community quilter who has another blog called the Patriotic Heartstrings Quilting Project and that I spend most of spare time making patriotic quilts of valor for wounded American soldiers, and that even this blog is filled with rather patriotic quilted projects. I guess that makes me "Proud to be a Halfway-American."

Want to take the test yourself?
Check out http://www.blogthings.com/howamericanareyouquiz/


Shelina said...

I'm sure that these tests aren't very reliable. Did they use statistics from surveys, or did the testmaker use him/herself as the American prototype?

Even if it was 100% accurate, I don't think this means you are unAmerican, it means you aren't the average American. You're way above average!

SuBee said...

LOL -- gee, I came out at 59% - probably because we own a lot of guns. (Law enforcement family -C'mon!) I don't think that test is so right on. There's way too many variables in feelings, and just because you don't care for purple hair doesn't mean you're anti-hair.

Kathy said...

Funny, you sound a LOT like me. Guess that makes me only half American - or maybe we're what Americans *should* be?

atet said...

Um, if you want to know the sad truth, I only came out at 50% American. Guess it's the foreign beer and cheeses. Oh yeah, could also be my dedication to social justice and First Amendment freedoms too. *shrug* Amusing as I am trained to be a US history and government teacher...hehehehe