Jul 24, 2007


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$1 bucket of clothes clips: Target dollar aisle
Clips my squares, my rows, my columns
Worked perfectly, I had so much fun with them, that I'm going back for more!

Shown here:
clothespins (clips, pegs)
the clipping technique ;)
three rows of my Orphan Train quilt top

preview of the completed flimsy :)


Finn said...

Hey Girl friend, can I borrow a pin??? I'll take red please *VBS* Love your clothes pin idea...and love the great bright colors. I haven't seen those, but I can think of things to do with them I'll bet...LOL

I sooooo want to play....really am NOT in the 'do laundry', 'vacuum' mood.
I can just head some elderly person in my head, chanting at me, "if a task is once begun, leave it not til it's done, be the job big or small, do it well or not at all".
Personally I vote for the NOT AT ALL part..*VBS* I've already cleaned and worked through way tooo many lifetimes I think. I'm sure I'm really suppose to destined to 'dance' through this one. Now where is that place I can file a complaint?????
Happy stitching! Hugs, Finn

Paula, the quilter said...

Such a great idea. I'll have to dig some clothespins out of the clothespin bag. Yes, I still hang wash out to dry. I don't live in an HOA so I can have a clothes line. Yay!

atet said...

Love that idea -- may need to take a stroll through my local Target's dollar aisle!