Jun 19, 2007

Virginia Tech Memorial Quilt Project

Grandma's Attic in Dallas, Oregon, has now received more than 500 quilt blocks and they are currently being pieced into a number of quilts to be donated to the Virginia Tech families.

Quilters from all over the world have donated the 12” quilt blocks created from pieces of Virginia Tech fabric which were sent to anyone who requested to be a part of the project in April and the first part of May.

I was able to secure a number of packets of this special fabric and sent it off to half a dozen of my blog readers. In total, 45 yards of this licensed fabric was sent out and once the coffers were depleted, quilters were asked to simply use the Virginia Tech colors of maroon and orange, instead.

The overwhelming show of support for the students and faculty of Virginia Tech and all who were affected by the recent tragedy on that campus has been profoundly moving and deeply touching to Rachel and her husband, Stephen and they were both completely humbled by everyone’s willingness to participate in this project and the beautiful blocks that were created.

I can spot my own block.....my virginia-star with its appliqued heart in the center. Can you spot any of yours?


Rose Johnston said...

What beautiful blocks for such a fantastic project...well done to all who contributed and thanks for sharing them with us!!

Angie said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful tribute!! Blacksburg is my home town, and my heart is touched by all of the caring that has been shared with us.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I did find mine, and my friend Carolyn's too! I sent one for another friend, too; but couldn't find hers... or maybe I just don't recall what she did now. They look wonderful all together... hopefully they can bring some much needed comfort to the grieving families. Thanks to YOU for the special VT fabric you sent to me, I am humbled by your kind and generous heart!