Jun 24, 2007

Dogwood Blossoms into a Wedding Quilt

I am so grateful for quilts that have been put away, whether they are not quite finished or not quite to my taste, or perhaps, just needing a different border and binding. Suddenly, what was once considered a lesser quilt, can be added to or updated a bit, and can become a much greater quilt.

One of my nieces by marriage just recently got married and then celebrated, later, with a wedding reception. Not knowing her taste, but still wishing to give her something made with both hands and heart, there was such joy in remembering this dogwood quilt top just waiting to be finished! This young niece loves hot pink and had used this exact shade for her wedding announcement.

While the border might seem a bit overpowering here, in real life it brings out the deep pink of the lovely dogwoods in the primary fabric. And when I noticed that the Illinois Roads went off into the border, I decided that I rather liked that...it is like a road into the future without a defined ending. I didn't mind so much that some of the strips seemed irregular after tieing the quilt down..... or even that some of my ties weren't quite perfect. Adding a simple muted art floral for the binding seemed just right...and best of all, it all came from my stash and could be finished quickly. It may not be perfectly constructed, but it was made from the heart and still given with love.

In an extra busy week.... when I am juggling open houses at our Tour of Homes ( on display all week, and two full weekends) and keeping contact with my own children and my mother-in-law and other elderly relatives, having an easy wedding gift was a true gift for me, as well as an easy gift for the young bride and groom.

At times like this, I remember that all quilts have value and sometimes we just need to view them with different eyes and a more open heart to see that the love we have put into them is even nicer when we are able to share it with someone else!


Tanya said...

How nice that you can use a quilt that is already partially made. I'm afraid I'd forget about it so actually I have very few quilt tops (some Prayer and Square tops though). I can't even seem to buy backing because usually it doesn't seem to be "just right". Hmmm too much perfectionism showing.
Lovely quilt!!

Shelina said...

This is a lovely quilt, and I am sure that your niece will love it.

I think sometimes we look at something too long, especially with the detail we have to for piecing and quilting, that we miss the big picture and therefore the beauty of the whole thing.

SuBee said...

I agree with Shelina - how many times have we all had someone rave about some quickie quilt we threw together? I always feel guilty, but remember; quilters are the only ones so highly critical of quilts! The rest of the world is entranced and awed by our talents!
(and modesty.....)
Good on you!! Better than leaving it sit in a cupboard for 20 years, unloved!