Jun 7, 2007

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

Posted by PicasaChildren's Game:
The players are seated in a circle with one person in the center. The players try to pass a button back and forth undetected. They keep their hands in motion constantly as if receiving or passing the button while the center player tries to guess who has it.

There are days when I am an empty bowl, ready to receive anything and everything that life offers me. I am filled with the joy of endless opportunities and new adventures. On other days, I feel filled up to the brim, and I wonder, where oh where am I going to put one single more thing into my life? How am I ever going to even get part of this list done? But, it's a good feeling, not an overwhelmed one. Just busy and good.

There are days, when life does feel like a treasured collection. My days, then, are full of the lovely choices and I want and need to dabble in bits and pieces of them all. I rush through the house with joy, doing odd jobs, then hop into the car for a few quick errands, then home to sew and quilt for a few happy hours, then a bit of cooking or laundry or whatever. I check in with my childen, I visit some one dear to me, I do a favor for a friend or help out someone that I love. I want to do good, be good, feel good. And when I do, I am. And I love how that feels.

Some days, I am the box. Other days, I am the collection. And once in a while, I am just a button. Button, button, who's got the button? I feel so filled to the brim, I am so many things and am doing so many things, that I wonder... "where am I?" Where am I? We say that, we think that, and we live that. Where did we leave us and who has a piece of us today and where are we truly hiding?

The feeling makes me want to laugh. I don't feel overwhelmed. I know deep inside, I can get it all done, even in one short day there are still 24 long hours. But, sometimes, we have to search through the box to find just the right button, and then when we do, we have that 'aha' moment. Here it is! I found it!

Today, I am looking for the special button. The one that gives me the 'aha' moment. I will reach in deeply, I will make my selection, and I will enjoy appreciate and enjoy my choice. Really and truly, it's all good.


Shelina said...

I've never played that game, it seems like a fun game. You're the strong pretty one.

It really is impossible to do everything in one twenty-four hour day. Feel free to prioritize - do the important things not the urgent ones. Say no guiltless to the unimportant ones.

Anne Ida said...

Hi! Hope you have found the button of the day!

Here the children play a similar game with a ring; and while they pass the ring around they sing a song; the lyrics loosley translated are: Take the ring and let it wander; from one to the other; the ring is hidden; it doesn't show; right now the ring is with me. Look I've got it, look I've got it tralla-la. And during the tralla-la the person in the center has to guess who has the ring :o) I guess these type of games are common in several places in the world :o)

Patti said...

What a wonderful post - and what an accurate description of our lives as women. I would never have thought to make this comparison, but it's absolutely perfect. Thanks so much for the great thought with which I can begin my day.