May 18, 2007

Crazy Woman Sox!

Paula the Quilter, has honored me once again! As I posted not too long ago, Miss Paula, being the kind hearted and generous woman that she is, had nominated me as her number 6 choice for the 5 choice limit for "The Thinking Blogger Award". And of course, I just had to comment that "as there did not appear to be any monetary gratuity attached to this award, such as the ones which accompany the Nobel Peace Prize or the Pulitzer Prize, I was hoping that she would at least knit me a pair of her darling, striped socks.

Well, bless her generous knit-picking heart, she did! I am now the very proud recipient of a delightfully striped pair of her now famous "Crazy Woman Sox." As the cute little tag proclaims, "When I tell them I knit socks, people ask me 'Are you crazy, woman?'. She is, she does, she did and I now have the pair to prove it!

They are adorable and are now hanging proudly from the mantle above the wood stove. I figure it's never too early to anticipate the joy or spirit of the holiday season, and since "Christmas in July'" is not that far off, I am simply a get-with-it kind of woman and decorating in advance.

As Paula says, if they are too big for my dainty little feet, all I have to do is wash 'em and throw them in the dryer once! I figure with my flair for the dramatic, my sense of overkill, and never quite knowing when enough is really enough, I am more likely to create a felted creation that would be lucky to fit one of the elves and not me!

For now, I am just enjoying their view. And basking in the absolute and utter knowledge that quilters are very special, giving, and unique people......crazy or not!


Shelina said...

Those are nice socks. So nice of Paula to knit them for you. She is a very generous person.

Nellie's Needles said...

Wild and whacky and wonderful ... you and the socks.

atet said...

What fantastic socks! And you are right, quilters are some of the best people.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Well said! It's always been my experience that quilters (and knitters, for that matter)are among the very best, kind-hearted and generous people in the world. Whether in the flesh or in cyber-space. Paula is simply amazing, can't wait to see what Santa stuffs these beauties with in July!

Rose Johnston said...

what a sweet gift and what a generous heart Paula is!!!