Monday, April 23, 2007

A Shared Passion for Textile Arts: Leslie Coleman Zeigen

Posted by PicasaLeslie Coleman Zeigen is a multi-talented member of the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild, here in Salem, Oregon. I first met her about 11 years ago when she was the Costume Director for Children's Educational Theater. Many years later, when my youngest daughter joined CET, I ended up (as a parent volunteer) working under her as we created costumes for five plays a summer, for five years. Leslie, herself, worked with CET for more than 25 years. She was an incredibly talented and gifted costumer, but when she learned to quilt.....her abilities skyrocketed to new heights. In a very few years of quilting, she has become one of the most unbelievably creative quilters that I have ever seen!

Yesterday, I attended the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild's quilt show "A Shared Passion for Textile Arts". When I saw entry #147... Leslie's mouth dropped wide open and it has been open ever since! Now, my friends will tell you that my mouth is frequently open....or perhaps, that it might not ever quite close. But when I saw this quilt titled " My Daughter, the Bibliophile"...I could not believe my eyes!

The creative inspiration for this quilt was Leslie's daughter, Laura, an avid reader who loves history, women's studies, the Library Sciences, and of course...books! Leslie asked her daughter for a list of 100 of her life-long favorite books. Laura gave her 124. Leslie embroidered their titles and authors' names (using her Viking Husqvarna D1 and SE machines) on the 'books' and placed them on a bookshelf.

The bookshelf, as well as the books, seem so realistic that you wonder why it's a bit 'fuzzy.' It's like the mind cannot accept that this is actually a quilt and not a bookshelf filled with books! It is quite remarkable!

There were some other beautiful, beautiful quilts in the show, all around amazing in the depth, the variety and the quilted talent so very evident. But this quilt won the "People's Choice" award each and every day... for the run of the three day show....and there is no doubting why! It was just so extraordinary, that I had to share it here.

I left the show inspired, elevated, happy and proud of all of those quilters...then I went home to my simple little charity quilts with a big grin. To paraphrase Mother Theresa...I may not do great things, but I do small things with great love ;)

Today, will be a very good sewing day!