Mar 16, 2007

Solving Blogger Photo Upload Problems: This is a Work in Progress. "I am WIP'ed.".... she QUIP'ed.

I LOVE the new Picasa2! I am running amok with photo updating of missing links or photos...most of them my own fault, as I moved things around in Picasa2 with fervor and glee! Many of my old posts, such as the one where Salem Community Quilters donated 15 patriotic quilts a local Veteran's Outreach Center, can now be found in Patriotic Quilts Of Valor.

Previously,my AOL was absolutely refusing to interface with blogger uploads, no matter what settings I used, or how I dismantled firewalls and allowed pop-ups and cleared caches, whcih are all of the things you should try, first! Forget sharing with the photo sharing programs...nothing would work! But now, I have possibilities and new skills to put to use. But like all new skills, learning to use the 'web upload' button versus the 'blog this!' button has created a smorgasbord of possibilities and I am having difficulties 'pushing myself away from the table!' It almost as bad as the day I created my little ditty on my gaggle-of-ladies-aid-quilters attending the Zion Mennonite Quilt Show !

I have also, however, ( my redemptive excuse goes here) been sewing for my current causes. Getting quilts ready for AIDs babies in Mozambique and two patriotic string quilts for wounded soldiers arriving at Madigan Hospital in Fort Lewis. So, ...a photo of my 2 'flimsys' (Norma's word for unfinished quilt tops) and my 2 'whimsys' (my own word for those blocks already created, but not yet sewn together to the flimsy stage.) For those of you with a dictionary, either may be substituted by the alternate spellings of flimsies,whimsies,whimseys, or...because of the season...cottontails.

So, my redemptive excuse for creating blogger havoc: I have been a productive woman and not just a maniacal one! ;)

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dot said...

Thanks for visiting a commenting on my blog. I will say most of the quilts I make are from the heart. I rarely follow a pattern, to restrictive. I have enjoyed looking throught your blog and will make it as a favorite.