Nov 21, 2006

Quilting in America, 2006 Survey Results are in !

Every three years, surveys have been conducted with the intent to measure both the amount of time, and the amount of money, spent in the quilting industry in America. A few statistics to see just how you compare to the typical 'dedicated quilter':

*17% (19.135 million) of U.S. households reporting quilting participation
*4.7% are represented as being 'dedicated' quilters, yet they account for 88% of the total quilting expenditures
Who is your typical 'dedicated'quilter? She is:
*59 years old
*Well educated (72% attended college)
*Affluent ($87,026 HH income)
*Spends an average of $2,304 on quilting annually
*Quilted for 13.5 years
*Has a room dedicated to sewing/quilting (83%)
*Owns an average of 2.6 sewing/quilting machines
*In the past 12 months has purchased 98.7 yards of fabric
*Bought an average of 5 quilting books (at average cost of $21.50/bk)
*Subscribes to/reads 4.2 quilting magazines
*Owns a computer (89%)
*Averages 2.2 hrs/wk on quilting websites
*Has high speed internet access (73%)
*Favorite fabrics are: small scale florals (73%)tone on tone neutrals (63%) batiks (62%) holiday prints (60%)
*Favorite color schemes are: jewel tones (37%) bright colors (31%) pastels (21%) earth tones (21%)

So, based on this survey, I am:
Poor, educated, literate, computer junkie, cheap, a scrap stashaholic, and use dial-up. How about you? Your survey says?

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Shelina said...

I am poor and cheap too! I do spend that much time on the computer though.