Nov 4, 2006

The Quilt

There is a saying. "He who sleeps under a quilt sleeps under a blanket of love.' I believe this to be very true, for within the process of creating a quilt out of the bits and pieces of fabric and thread, one also creates out of the bits and pieces of a life loved and shared.

So how can you not fill every inch with love and not have that love be shared through the energy of creation by whomever is then given the gift of that quilt? As I sew, I may be laughing, crying, focusing or daydreaming.

But each emotion comes straight from the heart, my own heart, right into that quilt that I am working on. The colors, the fabric, the design...all of the various elements symbologize and represent much deeper themes or deeper emotions.

In this wedding gift quilt, I wanted to create more than just beauty. I wanted to use the rose colors of the heart, the aqua green tones of the high or 'dragon' heart, and the symbols of the crane to represent good fortune and long marriage. I wanted to create a 'healing' quilt that anyone could wrap up in, feel surrounded by love and positive energies and be blessed by the gifts that come from above as well as below...from me, but not of me.

Whether it is color or design or symbol or intent....all of it is a bit of me given to someone else. And all of it, always, is about love.

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