Nov 1, 2006

The Heart of a Church

In October of 2005,thirty women moved, bags and baggage, to Salem First Baptist Church. There, we began the intricate process of forming a cohesive group out of a little gaggle of women..women who all loved to sew, who all wanted to give, but women who were very different from one another, had never met one another, and who came from all different faiths, creeds, and belief systems...and not just about quilting! But inspite of the odds, a number of us stayed, and we sewed, and we worked day a month to begin with, then two, and finally four. Sometimes, we had so much fun and we had so much to do, we even added a few extra days. And the piles of quilts began to grow. We nestled down into the center of that church. We had found a home.

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