Oct 30, 2006

As the Heart Opens

I can still remember my very first 'real' quilt. For some reason I had decided that it should be one big enough to actually sleep under. That is should be a pretty pattern, match our colors and be worthwhile in the process of its creation.

Little did I know, that I selected a medium hard pattern...Buttons and Bows....and that it would consume my entire life for the entire process of sewing it. I barely stopped to eat. I certainly did not stop to sleep. But I got that quilt done! It was in the brown tones of the 1970's to go with the 'paprika' tones..again of the 70's. And, I am sorry to say, it faded from the beautiful sunlight streaming into the bedroom within a very few months.

I learned that beauty can be transitory so the joy must be in the creation of that beauty. I never looked at quilts or quilting quite the same again. I just went forward into that opening of understanding. So now as I quilt, I quilt in all colors...inside and out. I quilt in the colors of the heart, the colors of courage, and all of the colors of the rainbows in between.

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