Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Journey: Across the Rainbow Bridge

In memory of my precious Keira and her new journey
(June 29, 2001-February 20, 2009)

The Journey:
Across the Rainbow Bridge
There is a place, the Rainbow Bridge, with colors of all hue…
It stretches through all space and time, to connect my heart to you

You were, you are, forever more, a part of all held near...
My inner child, my joy, my love, my little one so dear

My heartstrings stretch across the planes, to all my eyes can see…
To that inner world where all is felt, that keeps you close to me

When loved ones leave on journeys, across that Bridge of Light…
And hearts connect through love that’s shared, the beautiful and the bright

Through darkest clouds of pain and loss, to journeys that cross all time….
We fly on wings not of our own, our hearts, our spirits shine

We feel the sun's rays through us, we breathe in time, and space…
The hardness softens gently, the heaviness abates.

One moment measured out in time, one chord of celestial song…
Across that bridge, where magic waits, one heart light moves along

I feel you near, you comfort still, a sweet presence, not far apart…
The angels gather ‘round us both, in the gardens of our heart.
© Michele M. Bilyeu 2009

For my precious Keira,
I’m grateful for the 7 years you held your sweet face so very close to mine.