Sunday, August 03, 2008

Butterfly Quilts + Free Butterfly Quilt Patterns

Looking through my July 2008 photographs of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, I was reminded of the amazing differences that our creative abilities and inspirations can add to the whole process of quilt design and quilt making. Taking a time honored symbol such as the simple butterfly for inspiration, the thematic concept of metamorphosis is not only tranformed into cloth but into the process of the imagination, as well.

Butterfly quilts are still much sought after and beautifully popular. As symbols of both change,and re-birth, we are drawn to their symbolic imagery of awakening to a new life, new opportunities and the chance to be 'born again' into all that we wish and dream we might become.

I have been collecting free butterfly quilt patterns for some time, and was motivated by the beautiful butterfly quilts at the 2008 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon to combine those quilt photographs with my own free butterfly quilt patterns collection.

Free Patterns: Butterfly Quilts :

Butterfly Circle: brilliant butterfly done in a circular pattern.
Butterfly Quilt: filled with colorful butterflies & easy to follow pattern.
Butterfly Quilt: from JoAnn Fabric, giant butterfly play quilt patern.
Stained Glass Butterfly: mostly foundation paper pieced.
Hopi Butterfly Quilt Block: beautiful butterfly design template for a quilt block.
Bug's on Parade: a collection of butterflies, bees, lady bugs and dragonflies.
Butterfly Quilt Pattern: try making this one in 30's reproduction prints.
Colorful Butterfly: easy butterfly block
Another Easy Butterfly: quick and easy butterfly block.
Batik Butterflies: with a hint of an Amish look.
Butterfly Quilt Block Pattern: jiffy instructions from McCalls.
Jewel Butterfly Quilt Pattern : applique idea, embellished with embroidery
Fluttering Butterfly: quilt block that is great for the beginner.
Twelve Butterfly Quilt Patterns: calico butterflies, flutterflies, mini butterflies, spring butterfly.
Applique Butterfly
Calico Butterflies
Foundation Pieced Butterfly Block
Jewel Butterfly Quilt Pattern
Mariposa Reina
Mini Butterflies
Ruby Short McKim Butterfly
Ruby Short McKim Paper Pieced Butterfly
Spring Butterfly
Stained Glass Butterfly Free Quilt Pattern
Vintage Butterfly
Wedge Butterfly Circle
Wonky Butterfly Tutorial
Zen Garden Butterfly: free butterfly quilt pattern courtesy of Jane Sassaman

shown above:
Butterfly quilts from the 2008 Sisters Quilt Show
With Heart and Hands: links to 2,500 free quilt patterns!


  1. I enjoyed exploring your blog. I will be checking back often to view new stuff. I love your link to free patterns. Would you mind if I copied the link to my blog to link back to you? Please come and visit me also. I enjoy comments.

    Karen in IN

  2. These are so pretty! Thank you so much!

  3. I've been looking everywhere for your listed circular butterfly quilt pattern. Your link went to an illustration of the quilt but no pattern. Please help me find the pattern, it's lovely! Thanks!

  4. Hi Michele bilyeu my name is Carol bilyeu I am looking for a butterfly quilt pattern love yours


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