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Widening Circles of Manifestation

The ever widening circles and spirals and zig zags of my life keep me skipping, hopping, dancing across this world and who know how many others!

The beautiful colors of autumn have finally fully arrived, the air was crisp and cold as our family gathered together on Sunday to share and pass out gifts for four of our Autumnal birthdays!

Those visiting outside on our back deck (as a cold or flu contact  precaution for our youngest and oldest among us) stayed warm sitting in lawn chairs around a borrowed fire pit on our back deck.

We'd made a big Instapot of homemade chili with beans using the last of our garden's bounty of tomatoes of all sizes and chili peppers in all colors. It was festive, tasty, and we had a great day catching up on the October abd November birthdays and the opening of gifts.

I have been sewing, sewing, sewing - as well as quilting. I was able to finish my entire list of projects for October with only 5 items yet to finish before Christmas.  

Above some of my previously gifted creations for our precious and newest little grandbaby. His arrival widened the circles of our hearts, our family, and our abilities to find time in so many ways and places than ever before -and often at an moments notice! 

I'd been asked to make some Halloween costumes for two of our little trick-or-treaters in October as their mama had an earlier than expected arrival to care for! 

Between sewing my previous wizard capes then making Halloween costumes, a baby quilt,  flannel blankets, and other projects like burp pads and wipes,, my design floor, cutting table and both my serger and sewing machines have really been humming! 

Trick-or-treating whether at the kids' schools or in known neighbor-hoods means outside often in the dark. In Oregon it's often the beginning of our rainy and cold season, especially from 5 p.m. on when the spooky fun starts and the veil between this one and all others is thin.

For me, it's the perfect time to be warm and dry and cozy in my creative loft space where I design and sew! The grands picked out what they wanted created. Their mama told me to use what you/we have and keep it simple. Ha! Nothings simple at almost 73.

My brain thinks my eyesight has gotten worse while my eyes are fervently convinced that its my brain that's not seeing whatever it is I've currently misplaced!

So, ransacking my fabric bins, piles and baskets and hoping my old costuming brain from 20+ years ago can make as quickly as we did in our volunteer costume department for CET - Salem's "Childrens Educational Theatre' - a once very large children's summer theatre program. 

I was a costume leader for all of the years of my youngest daughter' years as a student, (shown above in the role of Peter Pan at age 12. And yes,, this was a big even lavish production and she sang, danced and flew above the stage! Because she continued to act, dance and sing through high school, college, and community theatre in both Salem's Pentacle Theatre and Eugene's Hult Ceter.

Active participation in any and all outside of your comfort level activities widens your abilities, your confidence and your ability to cope during times where everyone is swirling around together in the same pressure cooker of life. 

Back in the era when I first worked with all of the other CET sewing volunteers, it was a big time issue for working parents to participate in our costuming department. The head costumer (Z) who designed themes,  bought fabric and organized us into teams made any of us with 'more' sewing experience one of the costuming team leaders. Oh my, that was me!

Having sewn clothing since I was 12 (simple things like skirts to start) I had sewn most of my own clothes by the time I graduated from Juneau-Douglas High School and headed off for college 'down south' in 'the states'. I was definitely experienced but I still wasn't prepared for this!

It was crazy fun trying to show parents how to make their child's costumes when they may have had a sewing machine but hadn't sewn since home economics in their high schools!

Taught me to widen my own circle of creativity, acceptance of other and find in even the non-stop pacing of making say 6 kimonos in one day without a pattern for 6 different sized kids!

I loved all those hundred, two hundred kids each new year for all of those years! I loved how volunteers even without necessary for the task at hand skills can open their minds and hearts to a learning new skill!

Widening the circles of my own life, my own heart, and bringing in new energies creates a richer more explorative and creative life. We take our curiosity of just what we're capable of farther and deeper and widen that circle wider and wider.

We all face challenges with our time, our ever changing gifts and abilities as we age and our families grow and changes - not to mention all of the acceptances and adjustments we have to make just to balance more events and responsibilities! Its rarely easy and often quite hard. But in the challenges we also find growth and expansion 

The trick is to bring in your "brave self" and try new things, new hobbies, new emotionally growing experiences by accepting new opportunities, tasks and opportunities. 

Look deeply into your heart, your energy field of creativity and possibilities, your enormous innate spirit and even your truest deepest soul's purpose and realize just how much you're capable of if you are open and excited and caring and yes, loving and accepting of others....

.....and most of all yourself not only as you currently are but who you truly are, and always meant to be! On the Internet I'm known for this blog, my vast amounts of community service and my participation in donating a lot of quilts to service groups and disease research organizations.

But really and truly while I've always known it was my soul's journey to be of service in the world and a difference in the lives of those this blog reaches, it's my hearts journey to be here for those I love, and always my family first.

Meanwhile the fun purple constellation wizard robes (styled in your typical Harry Potter like fashion where a "robe" is called a "cape" but really isn't) are in full use a.m. and p.m. spring into summer, dancing on couches and beds and running up and down our lane of a driveway.  Magical fun! And then the touch of magic the previously made magic wands!

Now, where did I put those magic wands??

These were made with what I already had.  Thin bamboo stalks spray painted silver and the medallion focus "star" is a glittery Christmas Snowflake  ❄ ornament. Made of wire it had a "stem" I  inserted into the hollow bamboo center. A little hot melt glue to secure it and the addition of some pearlescent curling ribbon. 

Simple, not too challenging time-wise! But still fun and magical for young children of anyone who keeps the magic of being young at heart going and glowing!

As we create, so we too manifest inside and out and all around in our mutually shared biosphere!

"Widening Circles"
From Rilkes "Book of Hours"

"I live my life in widening circles
that reach out across the world.
I may not complete this last one
but I give myself to it.

I circle around God, around the primordial tower. I’ve been circling for thousands of years and I still don’t know: am I a falcon, a storm, or a great song?

“Widening Circles” from Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God. 

Translation by Joanna Macy and Anita Barrows.

This entire poem was originally read in the "On Being" episode
 “A Wild Love for the World.”,for%20the%20World.%E2%80%9D

And bit by bit, we widen our circles, we broaden our goals and enlarge the boundaries of the time we think we have into the time we need.

When we use the phrase "make time" and "make do" we truly mean it, intend it, and create (do) it, we learn to broaden our own scope of intention and the manifestation of possibilities. 

We literally stretch our time, our materials, our own energies and our realm of what can be done in and with our lives.

We make magic when the veils are thin by going between and beyond the edges of possibilities.

As the magical age of 3 and 4 and 5 year olds morphs into the evolving works opened up through reading of 6 and 7 years olds,  children are open to the world of magic and make believe and you are open to making do and creating out of your own love for them.

One grandchild wants to be "Gandalf",  his little sister dreams of being the "Northern Lights'. The other two are going to be faeries but their creative dad is on top of that one as always! 

Making magic from bits and baubles of great, great fun!

A wizard's hat from old and suitably pulled grayed  flannel sheets. And a cape and belted tunic beneath it. 

An aurora borealis cape with a swirling milky way/cosmos tunic underneath for my little "Northern Lights. A wrapped coiled crown of tiny metallic blue stars to top it off since Gandalf also got hair/beard under his wizard hat!

Two little changlings in one town. 
Two more being costumed as magical faeries with creative wings and charming 3 piece costumes besides.

For my amazingly talented son it's time he shouldn't possibility have sandwiched in between an extra big daily work load and his own abilities to transform himself from reading or drafting blueprints to creating patterns, teaching himself to sew and to draft patterns by tracing little bodies as they lay like snow angels on a large piece of construction brown kraft paper.

Long sleeved tops, flared skirts, fitted vests with tied lacing in the front and many decorative details created by the faeries themselves with flowers and trims of pure sparkling magic! 

Widening, broadening, creating the pure manifestation of out-of- this-world childhood magic!

Widening his circle and those of everyone he and his family meets.

Michele Bilyeu Creates With Heart and Hands as I/she/we share an imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon.
 Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting, from my heart and with my hands.

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