Mar 28, 2023

Lift Us Up

Even stronger than the creative energies of the written or spoken word is the timeless beauty and magical colors and tones of art and spirit when lifted up and transformed by music.

Close your eyes, open your heart and listen to this simple prose-poem-chant-song Lift us up! written by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary. Then Imagine a new world with John Lennon and combine your imagination with Both Sides Now  written by Joni Mitchell and sung here by the lifting, lyrical voice of Judy Collins.

So many, many songs remind me of eras of changing times in my 7 decades remind me of a time, a place, and often of a huge heart rending period of deep loss. But so many more songs lift me joyously up into happier times and the creation of a new era, a new national spirit, or even  a new spirit on earth after great change of even greater loss.

This is a time of rising up and out of such an era such a period of anger and ugliness and loss and truly deeply reflecting on my life, our lives and our loss filled actions and their endless cycles of repercussion and focusing on redemption and rebirth and the transporting of conscious moving into new possibilities of the true spirit of faith-filled love and grace-filled change.

I am chanting and singing and moving this energy into my heart today.

Lift us up and out of the old hierarchical energies of individuation and separation of our ego driven Age of Aries that separated us from connection with each other, our world, and this earth into a selfish ego driven energy of personal attainment and success over unity and healing of the whole.

Now as we enter the Age of Aquarius the old willful energies of Arian adolescence have the opportunity to grow into maturity where love and faith can create a new earth energy.

Lift us up and out of our angry teen-age rebellion of  survival of the individual with its focus on ego-driven attainment of power over others and transform us into the love-filled essence of one heartfilled unity for each and all others.

Now listen to your own heart songs and music and fill your own spirit with meaningful words and melodies of your life. Play those lifting up and soaring and twirling and dancing songs every day from every era of your life and feel the old winter energies recede back into their caves as we come joyously back out into these lovely spring energies  

As I focus more and more on my own deepest values and lose interest in distractions that hinder them, so many songs still epitomize the love I continue to hold in my heart for the people, places, and things I love, and the hopes and dreams I carry for a new and better tomorrow.

America and this world will rise again with love, acceptance, and unity. And for this I pray today and everyday.

Lift us up and let us all rejoice with the faith filled energies of love and hope. 

Michele Bilyeu Creates 
With Heart and Hands: 

sharing her imaginative, magical, and healing journey from Alaska to Oregon. Creating, designing, sewing, quilting, and wildcrafting from my heart and with my hands.

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