Saturday, December 05, 2015

Three French Hens

 "Three French Hens" in honor of the season and my French heritage.

Even though it's only Little Nell on the right, named in honor of my 100% French mother (added the Little to Nell after a Charles Dicken's character) that is actually a real French chicken.

My mother would have laughed SO hard if she'd known I'd named a French Cuckoo Maran chicken after her. My mom had an Audubon clock and when the cuckoo, cuckoo'ed we laughed until we cried.

My mother had advanced Alzheimer's and I took care of her...back and forth to Alaska..for a combined total of three years before she passed, going gently into the good and peaceful night in 2013. 

She used to say, you have to laugh at everything so you don't cry. And boy, did we! We laughed so hard that we...well, you know how it is when you get older. And then, when that happened..we laughed again! Oh, how I miss you my sweet, sweet little mama!

Dorothy on the far left is named after my mother-in-law. She might not have seen it as very funny... but she would have loved telling every single person she knew how crazy I was. Ok. I'm pretty sure she did that on a daily basis as I visited her every single day. And yes, I did my very best to maintain and uphold her view of me. I kept her entertained is all I can say in my defense!

In the middle, Edith..named after my husband's college roommate's mother, Edith.  I told the namesake, Edith when I last saw her. She rolled over to me in her walker and gave me the biggest hug ever! I think she got a real kick out of the strange honor of it all. 

The other girls were on the deck but not on the Christmas bench at the time! They got their own photo shoot. And yes, they all wanted in from the rain...they're chickens, after all!

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