Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Gifts, Blessings, and Creative Energies

Sharing my love, blessings, and creative projects that have kept me busy for the past few weeks as we all prepare for the creative energies of Spring, Easter, Passover, and other energies of rebirth and renewal.

For me, it is my community and creative giving and the use of my art quilts, donation quilts and most of all my prayers flags that energize me almost as much as my own blessings of creative and healing energies. With these I show the light and the giving of my own love and sharing with matter what the medium or the message.

I've been sewing, quilting, and crafting up a storm......until I can't find a certain piece of backing fabric, or a binding piece that would just be perfect!  And then, my sewing nook is tossed upside down and inside out and cleaned and reorganized in the midst of chaos ..

Spring cleaning has begun! the very midst of creating a challenge quilt for the Mid-Valley Quilt Guild (due next week!), prayer flags and one of my Fabric + Paper cards for a dear friend's birthday,  joining another community quilting group and sewing like a manic for hours on Saturday and then again at home, as I add three more donation quilts to my to do list and pile of fabric, art quilts, prayer flags and other projects!

I turned my bits and pieces of progress into a collage..a very busy collage...shown share my creative and invigorating energies as I create renewal and rebirth in my own life.  For that is the lesson and the spiritual teaching of this season. We are all blessed, all renewed, and all begin matter what our spiritual practice or belief system.

I rev up my passion and my dedication for creating quilts for donation and share my deep love of giving to others, creating even the simplest of spirited prayer flags for a friend and her son who was working at OSU when he was so tragically hit by the elderly man who ran right through the flashing light and permanently damaged a young man in his thirties for life.

 My card filled with love and the tiny prayer flags that can be carried back and forth from their home to his care home with prayers and blessings from my heart and my hands.

It is in the giving of ourselves, our heart, and our love and caring of others that we best honor this holy season of so many belief systems around the world.

As I share the energies of my own "Peace and Prayer Arch" from my backyard in Salem (shalom, which means peace) may we all spread peace, prayers, and love beyond the mere confines of our own busy lives into the the universe and hearts of others!


Post Note:
Send those creative and healing energies from all of your hearts to the Middle East, the birth place and genesis of all three major religions of the world..Jewish, Muslin, and Christian..countries that continue to be anything but at peace right now.

Pray and send energies of peace as the war mongers continue to battle and create negative energies of constant retaliation and the seeking of Old Testament energies..may we all understand see the healing energies of love in the new and renewed. 

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