Friday, January 17, 2014

Hi Y'all, Y'ouse, and You Guys!

An incredibly fun quilt quiz that predicts where you came from based on the words you normally use...referred to as your regional dialect!  The trick is to be honest and pick the words that you really do use most often as you go through the fairly brief little exercise.
I was born to a French mother whose family emigrated from France to Canada and then down to Louisiana..know as Cajuns, but I was raised in Alaska to my pioneer Alaskan father whose family had emigrated from Finland to New York, to Michigan, then up to Alaska to mine for gold.
I went to college in Oregon, hit a guy with a snowball in 1968, married him after college, and live in Oregon when I haven't been taking care of family or visiting Alaska.  My map fit me perfectly for both of the states that I lived in and was therefore influenced by their dialects.

I thought these 25 questions were a hoot as I learned regional terms that I'd never even heard of before! 
 Here's the 'skinny' on the quiz!

The New York Times recently published a 25 question personal dialect quiz developed by their graphics editor, Josh Katz. Based on your answers, 3 maps are generated that predict where in the US you are from. I found some of the questions to be interesting, and my results were not surprising: the map predicted I was from Philadelphia (true story!) and Massachusetts (which is where my mother is from). You can find the quiz on the New York Times   here.

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I would love to hear how your results compare!

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