Mar 23, 2013

The Simplest of Things....

....can carry loving energies, touch another's heart, and generate connections for healing. This, my second little" little bit of time" prayer flag just this one week. This one was made for a friend's birthday last Saturday.

It was her son that was hit by car on April 15th of last year. Walking across a marked and flashing light pedestrian crosswalk, an almost 90 year old man who admitted that he saw the lights, saw the crosswalk sign..but did not see Kelly...and kept on going.

He plowed into her son, 32 year old Kelly,  and caused severe neurological and physical injuries.

I've known this young man's mother since 1968, when she lived across the hall from me in our college dormitory. I've known his dad, since his mom began dating him a few years later. I was a bridesmaid at her wedding, I was there when she adopted Kelly and brought him back from Korea to live with their family.

She is one of my longest, closest, and dearest of friends.I have shared her journey as she raised him, and two other children to adulthood. Watched their triumphs and their struggles. Been part of the prayer chains when Kelly was hit by a car, riding his bike, when he was only 12 and was in a coma and suffered physical deficits he had to overcome..and did.

To now watch, this even more horrific accident last year. Some times you can so many tragic things happen to one human being?  And you look at their pain, and their families pain, and you have nothing left in you but praise that they are alive for a purpose and prayers that blessed with any level of healing that is yet meant to be..for them, and for their family.

And so, this little prayer, as this Kelly, this young man now in a wheelchair learning to shake his head yes or  no for communication, struggling to recognize once so familiar faces, struggling to come back through severe and supposedly permanent brain damage, come back to some kind of meaning and purpose..even in any form that this lifetime.

My friend, Patti, and her husband have fought a hard and challenging fight to get the best possible care for their son. They have battled doctors and care givers, and care homes, and now have him in a place of love and healing where people who truly love and care are working with him.

We always, always pray for the care givers..for it is their love, their support, and their understanding of connection that bridges the gap between the words and between the worlds.

I prayed for their family and for this son, while I was also praying for my own brother, my sister-in-law, and all families everywhere.  For we are all one, one big earth family..all facing so many challenges, so many illnesses, accidents, so much darkness that fights to find its way back into the light, into the the truth of connection, and hope, and the pure epiphany of understanding.

Patti loved her prayer flag and will hang in her rose garden where it will ripple in the winds of time and change and send prayers of gratitude for all that we do have and not anger for all that we do not.

And the 90 year old man who was driving? I'm not even sure that he was fined, but he did get 'community service'.  He has all but taken away this young man's life.  So, please pray for this man... for surely this must have destroyed his own life, and perhaps his families, as well.

shown above:
the simplest of prayer flags, made with raw edges of fabric and strings to flutter in the winds of time. Inkjet printing on my home computer. Prayer flags are meant to be unfinished and imperfect..just like our own lives. And they are meant to be light so they can flutter and float as the winds carry our prayers to all corners of this world and beyond.

And how ironic to know that my last simple prayer flag, using some of the same fabrics, went to the family of another Kelly. Hers, with a border of protection and strengthening for all that may lie ahead with a a daughter fearing for her mother.  And now this one for that may lie ahead for a mothers and all that may lie ahead for her son.

When synchronicities happen..whether in name, symbol, or is our own little gift from the Divine.....a gift, an epiphany...of understanding.  And what is that gift?  Knowing and truly understanding that we are all connected for a reason...that it all happens for a reason. We are part of the pattern, part of the healing, part of the connection and part of all that is Divine.

Please send up a prayer into the divine of all there is and every will be..a prayer for two Kellys, two mothers and two children. And speaking of names a symbols. Look what month this is, and how kelly green is the color for this year by any other name of green. Rebirth and renewal, hope and promises.
We simply pray and bless our family.

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quiltmom anna said...

As always a beautiful poignant post- we are with our son and his girl right now and it is lovely just to be in the same space together.Sending you a hug and best wishes for a lovely weekend. Warmest regards, Anna