Sunday, June 13, 2010

Quilting in America 2010 Survey Results

Presented by the Quilters Newsletter and in cooperation with the International Quilt Market and Festival, the latest"Quilting in America' survey results are in. The intent of the survey is to measure both the amount of time, and the amount of money, spent in the quilting industry in America and is compiled every three years.

I have been waiting for the latest compilation of facts, but only recently got them all typed up...forgive any typos, I tried my best! A few statistics to see just how you compare to the typical 'dedicated quilter':

Size of the US Quilting Market:
*14% (16.38 million) of U.S. households reporting quilting participation
*Total quilters in the US now exceeds 2.1 million (avg. 1.3 quilters per household)
*Quilting households spent an average of $219 in 2010 (up 27% from the last survey in 2006)
*Estimated total dollar value of the quilting industry stands at $3.58 billion

Dedicated Quilters:
*Defined as those households that spend more than $600 per year on quilting related purchases.
*6.2% are represented as being 'dedicated' quilters, yet they account for 69% of the total quilting expenditures
*In 2010, dedicated quilters report spending a total of nearly $2.5 billion

Who is your typical 'dedicated' quilter? She is:
*62 years old
*Well educated (72% attended college)
*Affluent ($91,602 household income)
*Spends an average of $2,442 on quilting annually
*Quilted for 16 years

Her Skill Level:
Beginner 7% Intermediate 53% Advanced 41%
Yrs quilted 5 13.5 20.8
Hrs/month 25 39 64
Age 61 62.2 62.2

Her Quilting Stuff:
*Has a room dedicated to sewing/quilting (85%)
*Has $8, 542 of tools and supplies
*Owns $3,677 worth of fabric

Sewing Machines:
*Owns an average of 2.7 sewing machines
*25% own more than 4 machines
*In the past 12 months, 19% purchased a new machine, spending $2,679 on the machine

*In the past 12 months has purchased 93.6 yards of fabric at a cost of $927.10 ($9.90 per yd.)
*Favorite patterns:
small scale florals (69%)
tone on tone neutrals (52%)
Batiks (67%)
Holiday prints (60%)
*Color schemes most purchased..
Jewel tones (56%)
Brights (52%)
Earth tones (52%)
Neutrals (49%)
Pastels (42%)

*In the past 12 months, each spent an average of $144.10 on thread
*On average, she owns $517.80 worth of thread and has an average of 152.8 spools ($3.40 ea)
* Color schemes most purchased...
Neutrals (75%)
Earth tones (48%)
White (46%)
Jewel Tones(33%)

*Bought an average of 4.4 quilting books for last 12 months with an average price of 21.00/book
*Favorite places to buy...
Quilt Shops (50%)
Fabric Stores (30%)
Online (29%)
Mail Order (17%)

*Subscribe to or read an average of 4. quilting magazines
*Spend an average of 5.1 hrs reading them each month
*Primary reason for reading quilting learn new tips and techniques, find inspiration, learn about new products

*Majority (91%) own a personal computer
*73% regularly access the Internet
*Average 2 hrs per week on quilting websites
*52% go online 2 or more times per day
*69% visit quilting specific sites
*28% belong to Facebook
*Primary reasons for visiting quilting websites...get free quilting patterns, learn about products, shop for supplies, find block patterns, search for fabrics

Key Findings:
*Estimated value of the quilting market in America in 2010 is $3.58 billion (up 9% since 2006)
*16.38 million quilting households in the U.S.(down 14%) from 2006
*Total number of quilters in the U.S. is 21.3 million (down 23%)
*Average quilting household annual expenditure is up 27% to $219
*6.2% of quilting households are considered 'dedicated' and responsible for generating 69% of all quilt industry spending of $2.48 billion

shown above:
A chairful of quilts....out of the hundreds and hundreds my Monday quilting group has created since 2005. This group went via Interfaith Ministries to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.